Top Trends To Follow For Boosting Business On Facebook

If you are new to Facebook and want to start your business using this extensively used social media platform, then here are some of the things you need to start trying to boost your ideas;

Top Trends To Follow For Boosting Business On Facebook

Upload Interesting Videos;

According to a recent study, people like to watch videos more than reading boring texts. Jared Padalecki, a Hollywood actor has a total number of 2.7 million likes on his Facebook page. But when he uploaded a funny video showing him and his co start in a face swapping video, but wearing the shirts to boost his “Always Keep Fighting Campaign” that video alone hit 8 million views. Hence even if your business idea is starting a business in London, you should start by making entertaining videos e.g. about the ways Londoners eat, you are very likely to get many viewers soon.

Top Trends To Follow For Boosting Business On Facebook

Include Hashtags in Posts:

Hashtags are a trend now used on Facebook inspired from twitter which can make the list of online trends in 2016 to lookout for. People normally use hashtags to express their solidarity with a nation, religion or victims of an incident. They even use hashtags to reflect their affiliation with an organization or an event e.g. at this time Cricket World cup T20 is being played, so the people who are cricket fans, write something about it and then use #WorldT20 and hashtags showing the teams between whom the match is being played. Likewise the businesses on Facebook announce promotions or competitions with trending hashtags to represent that they know what their audience is interested in. For example, if your business involves clothes, you may design special world cup shirts to attract customers to your outlets.

Livestream Conversations:

If you are a clothing business, it is very likely that you will have launch events for Summer/Spring clothing items. It is wise to use Facebook Mentions to play a live stream of your event for people who are ultimately going to get inspired from your launch. You can even have a light live conversation taking questions from the viewers and answering them live, which gives an idea about how much you care about them. Such conversations have become really popular to gain attention of people.

Follow Top Celebrity Pages and Related Business Pages:

It is wise to follow top pages related to business and get inspiration from them to understand what people buy and like the most on Facebook.