SEO Methods For Photography Websites

For owners of photography website, it is important for them to apply specific SEO techniques to get their site listed in Google, Yahoo and Bing. In general, by concentrating our effort on Google, we should also be able to get listed by Yahoo and Bing. We should be aware that until to this day, search engine bots are still unable to read images. Adding plenty of images on our webpages would leave bots clueless about the real intention and niche of our website. Bots crawl websites to look for something that it can understand, plain old HTML code with rich content in it.

If we want to improve the SEO performance of our photography website, we should make it a keyword-oriented platform. First of all, images should be named appropriately according to its subjects and theme. The filename should contain primary keywords to inform bots about its identity, such as “Liberty Statue at fourth of July 2015.jpg”. This will inform bots that the image is related to the annual celebration at New York’s popular landmark. These keywords can be repeated again in alt tags and meta tags of the webpage, if the image also has its own dedicated webpage.

SEO Methods For Photography Websites

Another way to make our photography website keyword-rich is by adding a paragraph of description under each page. It would be better if the paragraph is included in the dedicated webpage for each image. This will further help search engine bots to identify the image. This is an effective way to make our photograph website SEO-friendly. When building internal links for each image, good anchor text should be effective as an additional way to identify our images. Search engine bots will love it if they find correlation in filename, alt tag, description and anchor text. There will be primary keywords that are associated with each image.

Tags are yet another way to further identify our image. It means that our webpages are organized by specific tags and bots will identify our images based on the tags. This will improve the overall internal linking structure of our website that search engine bots will use. A well optimized photography website should have plenty of good internal links. They may have little to none effects to our search engine rankings, but they will help search engine bots to crawl the website and identify each image accurately. We should be sure that each image is identified accurately, so our SEO performance will be enhanced.

A large amount of traffic could originate from Google Image search and in order to rank high in this service, it is important to have good quality pictures that can be identified accurately based on their subjects and niches. If our goal is to have a gallery website with hundreds of images, it is important to make sure that our images can be indexed accurately in Google Search images and similar services offered by Yahoo and Bing. Photography websites may have less text, but with accurate and keyword-rich links, tags, filename and descriptions, we should be able to perform well in search engine ranks.