PPC Management For Newbies

PPC Management For Newbies

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is one of the most popular methods of advertising on the internet at the moment. On websites like Google and Facebook you can enjoy all of the benefits of advertising on these high traffic websites with the knowledge that you only pay upon each click.

Of course, this doesn’t just mean that you can throw millions of advertisements at the wall and hope something comes off. If you don’t know what you’re doing then you might still blow a fortune on advertisement with very little return. So here are the basics on PPC management for complete newbies.

PPC Management For Newbies

Focus on the Primary Aim of the Campaign

One of the biggest mistakes new advertisers make is to not fully understand the aim of the campaign. This can lead to situations where they use a PPC advertising campaign which is not suitable for the campaign they are running. PPC is best used to increase traffic to your website instantly, but it is not always the best campaign for increasing brand awareness (Cost-Per-Thousand-Impressions is better) or to create conversions (Cost-Per-Action is better).

Don’t Use “Broad Match” Keywords

You might find a large increase in traffic if you implement broad match keywords (which means advertisements will be shown with similar keyword searches) but it is often poor traffic. When you are paying for your traffic you want to make sure that you get the best possible traffic available to you. Make sure you choose your keywords carefully and stick to the keyword itself instead of using a broad match, this will send you less traffic but it will the best traffic! Most importantly, it will save you a lot on advertising costs.

Make Sure Your Landing Page is Relevant

Your landing page must be relevant to the advertisement you put up, otherwise you will confuse the people who click it. Make sure they see exactly what the advertisement tells them they are going to see. This means that you should create a special page if you have to, don’t just use your generic page. If they see anything different then they will wonder if they clicked on the wrong website and that will waste the money you spend on the advertisement.

Tracking Your Conversions

You need to keep a track of your conversions so that you have an idea of how effective your landing pages are. There’s no point of paying for advertising if the people going to your website are just clicking straight back off once they arrive. If the conversions aren’t coming then you want to tweak the landing page and the advertisement over and over again until something does work.

That is the only way to become successful with any advertising campaigns – tweak, tweak, tweak. Your first version of the advertisement will not be the one which bring in all of the conversions. You will have to tweak and test so many different advertisements and landing pages until you come across that magic combination which just works!


Now you have it, everything you need to know about PPC management as a beginner. Put all of these different tips into practice in your next PPC campaign and you will notice instant rewards. In time, you will learn even more tricks and tips which will help you become more efficient with your PPC marketing.