Office 365 For Contractors

Microsoft Office 365 is a powerful and widely popular cloud based service that empowers business processes by adding high level of efficiency. This cloud technology may be new, but it has already taken over the market like anything. It is valued for its high levels of reliability, efficiency and stability. Cloud Office 365 provides all the benefits as part of the Microsoft office package. If you are a contractor, whether an established one or a new one, getting on the cloud and implementing Office 365 will help your business further grow.

How Office 365 can help your Business

Office 365 can turn your business around by addressing different issues including employee efficiency by providing them optimal levels of flexibility. Some of the key aspects it can help address in your business include:

  • Simplifying documents management with SharePoint
  • Reducing communication costs through Skype for Business
  • Keeping data safe and accessible over the cloud
  • Your management and staff will be able to work from anywhere and at anytime
  • High level of security for your data

When you are going to implement Office 365 for your contracting business, it is important to consider where to purchase this service from. You have two sources for buying the cloud service from:

  • From a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider or CSP such as
  • Directly from Microsoft

Why Choose a CSP

Whether you are a new contracting business or an established one, it is always better to purchase this service from a reputable Tier 1 Microsoft CSP. There are good reasons for this. The best CSPs are capable of offering the Office 365 cloud service in a bundle that can be perfectly suited to meet your business’ needs.

At the same time it is essential to consider which CSP to choose. Look for the reputation of the provider in the market so that you get the best experience and services.

What does a Good Microsoft CSP Offer

Apps4Rent is the best example of a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Service Provider. They offer highly efficient Office 365 Cloud package and have an outstanding reputation for their customer support and service quality. They provide support that is specifically focused on helping a contracting business, depending on whether you are a new startup or an experienced contractor looking to implement Office 365 and move from your current system.

Support and service options can be limited when you directly purchase Office 365 from Microsoft. The company has set of formats and methods for contacting in case of any problems. Phone-based assistance is restricted in resolving those problems which are not present on their official critical issues list.

But that is not the case with a CSP like Apps4Rent. When you buy Office 365 from this provider, you are getting high quality end-user support and full-cover service. The services will be ideal for a contracting business so that you could adapt to the cloud package.

As a contracting business, moving over your existing system to Office 365 can be difficult and you can also face issues at times. But a CSP can help address these problems and facilitate a smooth transition process. You will have them available 24×7 to answer your queries and resolve any kind of problem (not just those which are on the official issues list). Besides, you can reach them via phone, chat or email. There is no difference in price and product.

Why Choose Apps4Rent CSP

There are even more reasons and offerings from Apps4Rent why a contractor must purchase the Office 365 service from them.

  • There is a product bundle option for contractors so that you can get complete technical support while being able to store all your data at one place.
  • Apps4Rent offers Project Online, a Free Project Management Software, with Office 365, which will help in making your business processes highly effective and consistent.
  • You can get a free SharePoint website for your project management needs. It is available on another target website

This Microsoft Tier 1 CSP thus provides you a comprehensive package that makes your contracting business even more efficient.