How To Legally Integrate Linking Technique Into SEO Campaign?

Black hat technique is about using tactics that break the accepted law. As an example, we may have multiple websites in the same network and we cross-link them. In this case, our goal is to give website real boost in SERP or search engine result pages. It means that we should look for additional traffic from various network websites. In general, we may need to automated tools to ensure that our method will not violate rules. In order to avoid breaking the rules, we should know about proper linking strategy. It is important to consider that reciprocation in linking strategy could have minimal overall effects.

There are many reputable websites on the web and they have quite high pagerank on terms that are relevant to our website. In this case, we should make sure that these websites are optimized for our keywords and niche. We should think beyond simple directories and it is important to get reciprocal links from high quality webpages with relevant content. This means that some pagerank will be passed on to us and we will get benefits in terms of increased search results. By using proper linking strategy, we should have a direct control over content for our websites. There are also tools that can help us manage links using specific interfaces.

How To Legally Integrate Linking Technique Into SEO Campaign

We could achieve this by contacting the website owners and try to convince them about the benefits of working with us. This should convert the originally black hat technique into a white one. We won’t be penalized by search engine when using this tactic, because we are endorsed by trusted website owners. More importantly, our links with these sites will be permanent. It should be a highly powerful way to promote our website for free. We should be aware that it is possible for each webpage to gain its own traffic channel. We could also ask other websites to show snippets of our articles and we could also put snippets of their webpages.

The amount of incoming traffic could vary, depending on the webpage authority. In this case, we should use the addition technique to further improve our linking performance. Profile pages should also be magnified to let people know about our identity. Author bio pages are essential for blogs, because reader would need to know more about the writer. Yes, linking should work, if we do this properly. The more links we submit, the more benefit we get, in terms of increased traffic. After a few months, we should get an immediate burst of incoming traffic, so linking can be considered as a long-term solution.

Short term benefit of linking can be identified as a way for search engine bots to quickly spider our website. In medium term, linking may allow us to gain some amount of exposure and we will be recognized more by many people. This is especially true if not too many people are writing about the same topic. Long-term effect of linking strategy should allow us to gain steady stream of traffic, but we should be able to convince other website owners to permanently put our links in their pages.