How JavaScript, Link Exchange and Flash Can Ruin Our SEO Performance?

For many website owners, there are some common mistakes that the accidentally do. One of the common mistakes they face is that they can’t get indexed by major search engines. Some website owners have operated their site for more than a year, but they find that their pages are not indexed by the search engine. The only thing that is indexed is their main page and no more. There are many problems why search engine bots don’t seem to go beyond the main page. As an example, heavy JavaScript codes can be found on the main page and it should be noted that bots still have difficulty reading complex codes.

If this is the problem, it is a good idea to create an external .js file and put much of our JavaScript codes in it. This allows out webpages to be presented as plain HTML file more or less. Search engine bots could have problem moving to other pages if they are blocked by a huge chunk of JavaScript code. One of the common methods is to use plain HTML sitemap to inform search engines about the major structure of our website. Link building is also one of the most common SEO problems and many experts are against link exchanges. It is claimed as a way to hurt our SEO performance and we could get banned by Google and other search engines.

How JavaScript, Link Exchange and Flash Can Ruin Our SEO Performance

However, we should be aware that major websites are also using the link exchange techniques and they are able to get good rankings. Link exchange is legal if our website is relevant to those we get link from. It is a natural way to promote our website. However, many people say that they get poor results after implementing linking methods. However, we should be aware that problems could happen if we intentionally try to trick search engines. Link forms and buying links in hundreds of domain names could bring poor results to our SEO performance. However there are methods we can choose to avoid being harmed by link exchange effects.

In order to make our link exchange look more natural, we should seek exchanges with sites that have relevant niches. We could also use various link texts to make them look more natural. We should emphasize on quality, instead of quantity. In fact, a couple of good link exchange can be better than dozens of low quality ones. It should be noted that link exchange can be quite time consuming and there are tools that can help us manage links.

Another thing that we should be aware of is that Flash technology could damage our SEO performance. Flash is considered as an obsolete technology and fewer web developers are using it. We should be particularly concerned if a web development team is still advising us to use Flash technology. Although the animation can be very appealing, it could really ruin our SEO campaign. Just like a huge block of JavaScript code, bots could also find it hard to find their way around text-less Flash animation.