Foodies Come To Chennai For The South Indian Dishes Here. So Should You

Foodies Come To Chennai For The South Indian Dishes Here. So Should You

The lust for good food can be so much, that even the littlest of the food buff, can reach every nook and corner of this big world, to savour and taste the delicious dishes obscure there. After all, George Bernard Shaw, very aptly said, ‘There is no love sincerer than the love of food.

If you too are a food connoisseur and wish to appease your taste buds with every cuisine, available in this world, then why not try out the South Indian cuisine? And when it come to devouring South Indian food, one can think of visiting nowhere, but the Gateway of South India, Chennai. With the drop in the Pune to Chennai flights fare, it would be an excellent excuse to book your tickets and make way to Chennai to have a bite of the scrumptious dishes available there, rather, eat your hearts out!

So, if you are now perked up to visit Chennai and try the amazing South Indian food, then here is a list for you, which will put you out of dilemma and give you a quick scan of what all you should try out.

Idli Sambhar

First things first. Every breakfast of a south Indian family starts with a treat of Idli Sambhar. These rice cakes are very much adored as they are light to have, and along with the mouth watering sambhar, make the best meal possible. The idli sambhar is also a staple food of all the street foods in Chennai. So, try it out with the coconut chutney, served along with it.

Filter Coffee

Nowadays the mainstream tradition of having bed tea is being replaced by the filter coffee. Filter coffee offers a truly rejuvenating start for the day, invigorating your mind and body. The aroma of the coffee, satiates the nostrils and activates one to gear up for the long journey of the day ahead.

Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa is the knight of the south Indian cuisine. This rice chapati is a complete meal for a person, to appease his stomach altogether in a single go. It is stuffed with potatoes, onions, tomatoes, paneer and other items, and garnished with curry leaves or mustard seeds. Eat this with the mouth watering sambhar and coconut chutney, and forget all other dishes of India.

Vadai or Thayir Vadai

Your mouth is bound to drool over, even at the sight of Vadai. Soaked in curd, usually sweet, Vadai is a mouthwatering delicacy and a common sight at the menu of all the street foods in south. Must try it.

South Indian Meal

Sojourning in Chennai and returning without having a complete thali of the meal, is quite a wonder. Whether you are dining with your family, friends or even business meetings, south Indian thali is a must have for all. A complete meal, including rice, sambhar, idli, dosa, pulses, vegetable curry, appalam and desert, it is a must gorge-on to satiate your bellies and still cry for some space in it!


A common breakfast item, Pongal can be eaten both sweet and spicy. The Sakkarai Pongal is a commonly served as prasad during the Pongal festival in south India. Again, it can be eaten with sambhar and chutney.

So, wolf down!