Choosing The Right Keywords For Our SEO Campaign

Choosing The Right Keywords For Our SEO Campaign

Any website owner understands the importance of optimizing webpages for specific keywords. However, many of them are still lamenting that they don’t get enough targeted visitors. The actual problem is because they don’t use proper keywords for the SEO campaigns. It is true that choosing primary keywords for our products and services is very straightforward, but it is likely that the most obvious keywords may not be the best one. In this case, we should try to dramatically the visibility of our website and without proper keywords, it is possible that we will lose out to the competition. Our goal should be to get our website inside Top-Ten position in the search results.

In any case, we should try to get our website to the first result page, but it could be a tedious and time consuming job. In this case, we should try that the outcome could become enormously beneficial. Our website should get increased targeted traffic to ensure top placement for the long term. There’s nothing more disappointing that working hard to get top placement only to find out that we don’t properly choose the right keywords. In this case, we should check internal search log to know what keywords people are using to search our program. As an example, they could prefer products with specific colors and other specification details, so we should incorporate additional details in our SEO campaigns.

Choosing The Right Keywords For Our SEO Campaign

In many cases, we need to eliminate single-word keywords from our primary lists. Often they are either too broad in meaning or the competition is already excessively high. In this case, we should identify direct competitors in the market and check their primary keywords by examining their HTML codes and keywords composition in the landing pages. This simple task should allow us to identify keywords ideas that we can use for our own SEO campaign. There are tools that can count the repetition of words in a webpage and this should help us to know primary keywords in competitors’ pages.

Overture and Google’s Adword keyword tools could also give us tons of ideas about keywords beyond those overused primary keyword. They could list keywords based on the quantity of searches and this can be correlated with raw demands. We should pay special attention to the number of searches and the number of pages that contain these keywords. This would provide us with a ratio between supply and demand in search engine results. Singular and plural keywords could also have different composition of supply and demands, so we should choose the proper variant. In general, primary keywords shouldn’t exceed 5 percent in our webpages.

Specific keywords could be usable for specific web page. In this case, we should avoid overusing keywords on our page. If we do this, it is possible that bots will consider that we are spamming and if we are penalized, we could get lower ranks. Again, keyword density tool should help us to determine whether we are overusing keywords in our pages. Keywords in meta tags may no longer have an effect on search engine ranks and it is only useful for informing bots about our primary keywords and keyphrases.

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