Benefits Of Embracing Office 365 From Microsoft Csps

Office 365 is one of the most advanced cloud based services available today and is offered by Microsoft. It has become widely popular in different types of commercial and non-profit organizations because of its high level of efficiency and various benefits that contribute to the business processes. This relatively new cloud technology has become widely popular because of its features that make it the ideal solution for all types of organizations and groups including committees:

  • It is highly reliable
  • It improves efficiency
  • It enhances consistency

All these benefits of the Office 365 Cloud come along with the efficiency that the Microsoft Office package is well known for. Committees can have different types of functions and processes. They can include:

  • Governance – Making decisions, spending money, taking necessary actions, nominating members, creating and monitoring policy adherence and much more.
  • Research & recommendations – Doing research and/or making recommendations on projects.
  • Maintaining discipline
  • Coordination/administration – Can have specialized functions like conducting elections, auditing, financial management, fundraising, and others.

Putting your operations on the cloud and implementation of Office 365 can help in running all your processes and operations efficiently and with total control.

How Office 365 can help your committee

Office 365 can help in enhancing the efficiency of your operations and processes. It can also help minimize the costs involved. It can also provide high level of efficiency to your committee members. Everyone can carry out their functions from any location and at any time using a highly secure and stable platform. Imagine not having to call a meeting every time, as you can collaborate and carry out functions from anywhere.

Once you have taken the decision to implement Office 365 for your committee, you will want to know from where to purchase the service. There are two sources from where you can buy Office 365:

  • From Microsoft
  • From a trustworthy Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like

Which one is more reasonable source

Committees are recommended to purchase the cloud service from well-established Tier 1 Microsoft CSPs because of so many benefits. There are good many reasons for choosing a Microsoft CSP. They are able to provide you the Office 365 service as part of a package that is ideally suited for committees. At the same time, you should ensure that you are choosing the right CSP. They must be reputed and must have experience offering the service to committees of all types and sizes. This is a crucial factor in determining the kind of experience you enjoy.

Reasons for choosing Microsoft CSP

You should choose Apps4Rent, which is a reputed Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Service Provider. They provide highly efficient Office 365 Cloud package. This company has a reputation of its high quality customer support and service. This is a crucial factor in effective implementation of Office 365 for committees. You will need complete support not only in implementation but also in management and maintenance.

On the other hand, when you purchase Office 365 directly from Microsoft, you have to follow standard procedures for issue resolution. There is mostly phone-based service and it is not always effective in resolving most of the issues. Besides, they address only the official problems listed by them. But with Apps4Rent that is not the case. You get full range of end-user support.

Committees are manned by people who are not highly tech-savvy. A reputed CSP can provide you all kinds of end-user assistance required for moving to Office 365. You will have technicians who are available round the clock to help address problems or answer your questions. There is minimal assistance provided when Office 365 is purchased directly from the company. But with a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP, you will be not only getting complete support in product implementation, there is more advanced level of assistance available at all times.

Additional benefits including free cloud website

Apps4Rent offers much more than quality customer support and service and smooth Office 365 implementation. They provide product bundling choices so that your committee will get all the required technical support. You will also be able to store all your data at the same place. This is made possible thanks to the Cloud Project Management Software, the Project Online. It is offered with Office 365 and helps in making your committees operations and tasks much more coherent.

Another benefit is that you can have a free SharePoint website that makes it simple for your project management needs. It is hosted on another target website You will get a complete package that could be added for improving the efficiency of your committee’s operations.