About Salesforce Help Desk Application

The powerhouse of enterprise cloud applications Salesforce has launched Desk.com which is a great customer support application connecting agents with phone calls, emails and the popular social channels.

About Salesforce Help Desk Application

Cloud Based Customer Support Management

The small to medium size companies are provided a cloud based customer support management with desk.com and it helps the field queries through email, phone, web, Twitter and Facebook. This Salesforce help desk application will join smart customer support start-ups like Zendesk and Talkdesk.

Salesforce Help Desk Application is Based on Assistly

This application is based on the customer service support application Assistly which was acquired by Salesforce few years ago in September with a big deal of money. While this application is based on Assistly, there are a lot of changes done on this software including many changes from the ground level.

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Salesforce help desk application Desk.com provides a number of unique features which makes it a unique application in the field of customer support area:

  • com makes it easy to manage the questions of the customers and feedbacks. The set-up requires minimum efforts and companies can begin tackling the questions of customers through calls, emails and the social networks.
  • There is a facility to integrate with your knowledge base too for fielding the FAQs.
  • In a single weekend it is possible to begin the set-up ready for the agents to start the customer support process with it
  • The Desk.com application conforms well with the mobile browsers on Android and iPhone devices. This helps in handling important customer issues even if you are not present in the office.
  • The Salesforce Desk.com pricing starts at very low prices and that is around $35 per month. The flex pricing is also offered which can help small companies to use the application by paying low prices. There are many price options available and for long duration the prices go even lower than the short duration ones.
  • There is a free trial version for you to try and get an insight of the robust software. The version is available in the official website of desk.com application.
  • Multi0channel support in this Salesforce help desk tool is a unique feature and you can bring all your support channels running together in one place with the help of this customer support application.
  • Case management is even more easier and you can route inquiries to the right agents and keep all organized with intelligent tools provided
  • The automation and workflow help in speeding up the tasks which were repetitive and you can concentrate on the more complex tasks.

Thus Desk.com, the ultimate Salesforce help desk tool provides many unmatchable features for full customer support. You can help your customers faster and thus maintain a culture of happy customers for your organization.