Templates: Love Them? Perhaps. But What Does Google Think?

First impressions count, we use them everyday to judge those around us. It may be unfair but it’s just human nature. But did you also know that Google judges too? In fact they pre-classify every search term into groups for recall later. Here we outline what this might mean for you and your site.

Templates: Love Them? Perhaps. But What Does Google Think?

Google and Templates

Google’s stated intent is to find what you are looking for, and in doing so it needs to understand the context of your search. For example, if you search for Puma, it knows you are looking for trainers and not the animal. Occasionally of course it gets this wrong, but it pays to know how you can manipulate its algorithm to present what you want it to.

Behind every search are templates that all queries need to be fitted within. And Google is showing you the information the search engine wants to present to you that day. If you monitor the trends you can learn a huge amount. For example, if you monitor the top 100 hedge funds, their homepages are positioned at number one for 74 per cent, 72 per cent show a knowledge graph and their Wikipedia presence is at an average position 4.41 for 38 per cent. Then you can start to understand the Google template for these type of queries and the content you need to create to assist with getting your searches seen.

Content Is King

Content placement to assist you in working with the templates is golden. It’s vital that you put out the type of content that will enhance your viewers’ opinion. That will change dependent on the nature of your business but as long as you focus on building content around your business goals you’ll be on the home straight. For example, if you’re on the Rich List, creating content on Pinterest probably wont help you, but enhancing your LinkedIn profile might well do.

Many who lack the time or resources necessary end up utilising a web design company in London or elsewhere like London web design company https://www.viziononline.co.uk/ and monitor sites like Tech Radar for the latest template news.

Its really quite simple, work with Gogles algorithm and work out which content it wants to show. Create that content and watch your site climb the rankings!