Reasons Behind The Jugnoo App Based Auto Service’s Popularity

Reasons Behind The Jugnoo App Based Auto Service’s Popularity

Auto rickshaws are a staple Indian vehicle, running through the cities for decades and serving ordinary men. Recently in November 2014, a company named Jugnoo transformed this staple ride into a virtual form by designing an app to book auto rides through smart phones. The app currently operates in all the major cities of Punjab like Chandigarh (hometown), Ludhiana, Amritsar, Mohali and various other cities in India including the political capital Delhi, business capital Mumbai, Jaipur and Gurgaon.

  • Jugnoo exclusives Instant auto on app call: Jugnoo’s business model is highly unique because it is single handedly manages all the “on demand” auto service transportation.
     Discount vouchers: Jugnoo discount code further adds up to the unique quotient via furnishing lucrative discounts to the travelers on their ride.
  • Jugnoo daily transactions and user strength
    It handles 3000 transactions on a daily basis delivering $4000 revenue per day. It has more than 150,000 users and has plans to capture many more in several other remote corners of India where transportation is paralysed.
  • Jugnoo fares and discount offers
    The autos operate using LPG gas; still then Jugnoo ride fares are astonishingly low. The more you travel, the more you save. It is only 10 rupees per kilometer, cheaper than 1 kilogram of Potatoes. If you have Jugnoo coupons then fare rates are further cut short on your every ride. You just need to apply the code while booking and can save some money on your daily traveling.
  • Jugnoo auto ride payment
    It is very easy to make payment after availing an auto ride through this app-based auto service. Payment can be made in cash or through your personal Jugnoo account, known as “Jugnoo Cash” as per the convenience of the users. The details of the invoice will be sent to you via mail or SMS by Jugnoo officials.
  • Jugnoo pilots
    Jugnoo drivers are well behaved and are professional auto drivers who are in service for a long time. They are thoroughly trained under Jugnoo’s private workshop and have valid driving license. As such you can be assured to experience a comfortable and safe traveling experience with them.
  • Jugnoo app
    The app is free and easy to download and install on any smartphone. It is only 1GB in size, so do not eat much of your memory space. After installation you need to open an account under Jugnoo and start calling auto over your smart phones to avail your pleasurable and enjoyable ride.
  • Apart from auto service
    Just after the launch of Jugnoo, the company noticed that maximum people are using Jugnoo autos not for rides, but as goods carriage, deliver and pick up as well. Jugnoo officials catch the correct chord and immediately launched another two new app service; these are Jugnoo Meals and Jugnoo Fatafat. These two apps are mainly concerned with on-demand food delivery from restaurants or other goods delivery respectively.

    Auto rickshaws are famous in Indian streets due to their inexpensive fares and nimble wheels cum slick body which effortlessly maneuver through serpentine crowded streets of this sub-continent. So, download the Jugnoo app and enjoy a hassle free journey.

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