On Demand TV and Its Benefits

Gone are the days when you had to worry about missing out on your favorite TV show because you were stuck in traffic, when you had to hurry back home to catch your favorite sports team play because you were working late. On demand TV has completely changed the landscape for avid TV enthusiasts. With on demand TV, not only can you customize what to watch but also when to watch. Users can record, pause, rewind and view hours and hours of high definition content as and when they like. Service providers give their customers access to a comprehensive collection of music, movies, TV shows and many more.

Choice is yours

The major advantage of TV on demand is the provision for the users to choose what they want to watch and when they want to watch it. Subscribers have the choice of picking what genre of movies they want to watch, which regional language they want to stream, what kind of music they want to listen to. Apart from the content, there is also the convenience of time. If you are about to miss out on an episode, you can simply record it and watch it when you are free. The choice is all yours.

Recharge your DTH

Being India’s first DTH service provider, Dish TV offers several affordable packages that have features you can personalize like selecting up to 400 channels of various languages. These customized packages are great value for money. What’s better? You can recharge your DTH online without any fuss. Dish TV rechargeplans allow you to recharge packages individually, like only the Sports package, or just the entertainment channels. The MobiKwikapp allows you to recharge online even when you are on the go, so by the time you are back home, all that you want is on the TV – ready to be played.

The Rcom recharge facility is also available online where the customer can top-up their currency and get to enjoy the benefits of unlimited talk time plans, call rate and STD plans and they can do so in less than a minute because it is that simple. It gets better, you can also explore an array of options that are part of the Aircel internet plans for both 2G and 3G connectivity. Apart from the online recharge service, users can also recharge by calling or sending out an SMS.