Increasing Trend Of Businesses Towards Kiosks

Self Service Kiosk’s fashion is rapidly increasing today. Now they are utilized in resolving daily life complications. There have been many implementations of self service kiosks to gain attention of the people from various sectors. There are several types of self service kiosks implemented and they are getting a wonderful response from people.

The 5 types of self-service kiosks:

1. Self-Service Kiosks

As the name itself explains these kiosks are used to get a payment from customers, issue licenses/ID cards and are used for banking transactions and ticket reservations. Olea kiosk designers will get the best results for you.

2. Information Kiosks

Information kiosks are better used to get precise data/information. User must be experienced to use these types of kiosks. The industries they are used in are as follows:

  • Healthcare
  • Government- users get pathway information’s.
  • Corporate – users can print letters using the kiosk.
  • Retail and showrooms – user get data about the product using kiosk provided catalogue.
  • Schools –shows latest information about institutions.

3. Internet Kiosks

A good kiosk deployment would allow the user to receive internet by having one of the following:

  • These kiosks are used for promotions in return for free internet.
  • These kiosks can be utilized to get mobile number and email in exchange of cash notes to enjoy the internet service. The kiosk gives user the privilege to use internet for a certain time requested by the user and the moment the time gets out internet access gets closed.

4. Pathfinder Kiosks

  • As these kiosks explain its purpose by its name, it assists user to get exact location where he/she wants to get to. Pathfinders kiosks are of three types 2D wayfinding, 2.5D wayfinding, 3D wayfinding
  • Airport Way finding Kiosk- passengers can get info about flights, toilets, flight gates etc.
  • University indoor/outdoor way finding kiosks – This allows students to help them find lecture registers, classrooms and laboratories etc.

5. Advertisement Standing Display kiosks

Standing advertisement displays or Digital Kiosks flaunt some really tech-advanced characteristics which are as follows:

  • The standing advertisement displays are used to access internet with the users standing around the kiosk only and it shows the content running on the kiosk.
  • Suppose, the users standing in front of the kiosks screen are teenagers, then an advertisement promoting the product which have the concern with teenager will flash on kiosk’s screen. Thus, users/people of all sections get benefits from these specially designed useful build up called kiosk.