Farm Gate Security Cameras: Technology That Protects Your Livestock

Australia can be called the land of farms. According to the data gathered by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the overall production of the farms throughout Down Under in 2011 was worth $46 billion. Since this branch of Australian economy is of great importance on the national level, both the Australian farmers and the Government have to smarten up their act to protect their farms.

The most practical and cost-effective way of ensuring that farms Down Under become safer and more productive places is installing video surveillance systems to monitor the farms. If you think about an average farm for a moment, you will realize that it is not only the facilities and the animals that make it a valuable place. It is also the agricultural machinery, the tools and the food for the livestock. When you calculate the value of all these items, going for video surveillance sounds like the most reasonable preventive solution.

The first thing that has to be calculated is the overall value of your farm. The camera market offers dozens of products for different security purposes. For instance, the ProsChoise Company, as the leading business dealing with farm security cameras in Australia, offers a variety of choices for every budget and every kind of farm. On one side, their product range covers devices such as the Ltl AcornĀ® Ltl-6210MC Sound Trail Professional camera, which is perfect for smaller farms and barns. On the other side of the product spectre, ProsChoice offers the ScoutGuard SG968K-10M ZeroGlow Trail device. It can make clear footage of objects up to 100ft away from the camera. These cameras are a great choice for farmers with hundreds of animals and several of farm buildings.

Farm Gate Security Cameras: Technology That Protects Your Livestock

While farms cameras are installed on farms in order to catch the potential perpetrators red-handed, they play another practical role. If you mark your farm as an area under video surveillance, the majority of thieves and criminals will simply give up from breaking into your property.

However, relying solely on the preventive or footage power of the cameras is not enough. Every farm owner also has to hire security workers whose job will be observing the cameras. In addition, surveillance solutions should be joined with appropriate alarm systems, so that the police are also informed if anything goes wrong at your farm.

The issue of farm security is not only related to potential criminal acts from the outside. Farm owners also have to pay a lot of attention to their own workers. This is also where ProsChoice cameras can be more than helpful. For example, you can cover the area where your workers park their cars with those cameras, to avoid having any blind spots. That way the employees will also know that any theft attempt will be noticed. In addition, the ProsChoice cameras should be installed on all exits and entrances to the farm facilities, to supervise everybody who visits and leaves the farm. Moreover, water supplies and fuel tanks are especially vulnerable areas and they need to be covered with the most powerful cameras.

When it comes to setting a budget for supporting the farm security, farmers should try to apply for one of the financial deals provided by the Government of Australia. Be it a loan or a grant, it will help you ensure the best security equipment for your farm and protect your livestock from danger. Also, responsible and smart farmers know that they have to keep pace with current trends. If you want your farm to remain a well-protected area over a course of years, follow the ProsChoice website and always get the newest updates on their high-tech innovations.