Dirty Jobs: What Are The Most Dangerous Jobs In America Today?

Dirty Jobs: What Are The Most Dangerous Jobs In America Today?

All jobs come with some risks, even if the workplace is a simple office. The truth is, some jobs have much higher rates of injuries and deaths than others. Some don’t always pay well, and are not often fun. Here are the most dangerous jobs in America today.

Dirty Jobs: What Are The Most Dangerous Jobs In America Today?

Trash and Recyclables Collector

Trash and recyclables collectors have one of the highest fatality rates of any job in the country. This is because of the dangerous equipment used, the driving, and the heavy loads they work with. Statistics show 36.4 deaths in this field for every 100,000 workers.

Aircraft Pilots and Engineers

Pilots of commercial planes of all sizes, and the people who maintain the aircraft are often in incredibly dangerous positions. Everything from crashes to equipment malfunctions can cause a fatality. Pilots and engineers have a fatality rate of 56.1 per 100,000 employees.


Loggers are constantly around sharp and dangerous equipment that often does not have sufficient safety mechanisms in place. They must also be around massive falling trees and logs all day, with the fatality rate being 104 for every 100,000 loggers.

Commercial Fisherman

Commercial fishermen face deadly conditions, storms, and the risk of drowning. The equipment used on the commercial vessels also makes just doing everyday tasks dangerous and risky. Over 127 commercial fishermen die on the job for every 100,000 people in the industry.

Truck Driver

Truck drivers face dangerous roads, bad weather, and heavy equipment as well as long hours driving. The fatality rate might seem low at 25.9 per 100,000 truckers, but the reality is, the raw number of deaths is second highest of all jobs at 485 a year. According to Scherline and Associates, truck accidents often involve medical injuries like spinal cord injuries and paralysis. Truckers who manage to survive an accident also often have to find ways to protect their personal rights and pursue fair compensation for injuries.

Natural Resource Miner

Natural resource miners must work in harrowing conditions, sometimes underground, and usually around large pieces of industrial equipment. Mine collapses and industrial disasters are a constant danger. Miners have a fatality rate of 22.1 per 100,000 workers. This is the most dangerous job because of the number of workers in the industry. Over 721 miners die every year in the United States.

The most dangerous jobs in America are all necessary in order to keep the country running. Injuries and fatalities are often just part of doing a job that requires taking huge risks, and luckily the number of fatalities and injuries has been dropping over the years in most fields thanks to better technology and safety systems.