An Amateur’s New Way To Appreciate Nature

Like countless others, you’ve vowed this year to embark on a program dedicated to more exercise and action out of doors.  In response to the urging of many you promised that this winter you were not going to let yourself sink comfortably into a padded chair before a crackling fireplace.  Instead of watching sports events or movies on your giant-screen, smart TV or playing the most recent video games, you want to get out and exercise those underutilized muscles and bones while learning to appreciate the great outdoors.

So with that in mind you set forth to arm yourself with the equipment that would be needed to indulge in some more productive activities for the season.  Skiing, ice skating, sledding, fishing and camping are among the activities you feel would be appropriate for your new, more energetic winter program.   And you’ve even resolved to leave behind all electronic items except your smart phone.

So, sworn to uphold this promise, you set out to find the equipment and clothing needed for the coming season.  Naturally a wardrobe that would meet the requirements of climate and environment are necessary.  Just one problem – you hate to shop.    Fortunately, you can find all you need and more at a site called Gander Mountain. Clothing, coats, gloves, boots, and other items are all available at more than favorable prices.  Acquiring these items would be a great first step towards committing to this new lifestyle.

But this more active lifestyle requires more than just the proper wardrobe.  Equipment – particularly supplies and equipment – are also necessary.  And how can you be assured of finding the best equipment that could be used for fishing, or camping or hiking?  There again Gander Mountain is the place where you can acquire the equipment, but also learn the basic talents necessary to make your new lifestyle most enjoyable and attractive. You hate shopping, but if you love saving money, you’ll be really impressed with the saving earned by applying a Groupon Coupon to your purchases. 40% off cold weather gear, and up to 70% of outlet items saves you a lot.

With your new gear in hand, you are an amateur outdoors man. “Amateur” in the sense that you can indulge in fishing and hunting more for the purpose of communing with Nature. There is something elemental about waking up before sunrise to the sound of the tide coming in while you cast your rod into the surf. After cooking some fresh caught trout over a crackling campfire and enjoying it along with the taste of, hot cornbread, potatoes and some apple cider, you can truly enjoy laying back and gazing at the stars while listening to the sounds of the forest at night.  But don’t worry, you can get up early and walk it all off in the morning.