What To Do When We Have Flat Tire?

Some drivers drive on the highway and suddenly hear a hissing noise, followed with shaking steering wheel. The whole car would tremble. This is a clear sign that we have just had a tire blow out. It means that there are things we should do to repair flat tire. Cars are mostly different and we should know how to properly change a tire. We should also have proper tools inside the car to make sure that we can change the tire properly. If we have a spare tire, we are in luck, because we could replace it properly. For pickup trucks, the spare tire is usually fastened under the bed. In a station wagon, van and other passenger cars, the spare tire could usually be found in the trunk or attached on the back of the car.

There are different details that we need to consider. As an example, some cars could have locking wheel lug nuts. If we don’t have the special key, we won’t be able to remove them off. After we have all the tools, we should make sure that the car is flat on the ground. When we want to remove the lug nuts, we should turn them to the left. After all nuts are loose, we should put the jack under the car, at least there is enough wiggling room to remove old tires and put a new one. We should remove all the nuts and then the tire itself. The location of the jack could be different on each car, depending on the model. Some can be stored by the car manufacturer in a special compartment inside the trunk and others can be under the hood.

The jack should be positioned on the rib, under the car. However, for rear flat, the jack should be placed under the rear axle. Another place to put the jack is under the lower control, which is where the shock breaker is bolted to, especially if we have a front flat. It’s a good idea to have enough room to wiggle the flat tire and install a new one, but we shouldn’t jack it too high. The car could become unstable the higher we go and it could slide off the jack, potentially damaging the car and seriously injuring us. Tire-changing accidents do happen, so we should be careful when changing the tire. In order to improve safety, we should make sure that the jack is stable enough and the car is even on the ground. A small rock under the jack could increase the risk of accident, so we should make sure that it’s a solid, flat and clean ground under the car.

After putting the new tire, we should put all the lugs back and try to tighten them with hand and then wrench. Finally, we can lower the car and remove the jack. Tighten the lugs again with wrench and we should make sure that the new tire is safely secured to the car. However, we shouldn’t over-tighten these, lugs; because we could potentially damage them.

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