Transport Options On Phuket Island

Phuket airport transfer

When thinking about world dream destinations, Thailand and especially islands like Phuket comes to mind. With its exuberant and thrilling atmosphere, white sand beaches and lush forests, with its amazing entertainment and welcoming culture, there are few places more suited for an unforgettable holiday. Arriving on the island is certainly the start of a magnificent experience, but travelers also have to think about transport options on Phuket Island, finding out how to get around and visit the marvelous attractions. Although a big and developed island from other points of view, Phuket transportation remains mostly traditional and somewhat problematic for travelers. From buses and taxis, to the more traditional songthaews and tuk-tuk’s, there are options of getting around Phuket and people just have to know where to look.

Most international travelers from around the world arrive on Phuket Island by plane and the first worry is to find good Phuket airport transfer to reach your accommodations or hotels. After landing at international airport, there are few transportation options to get to your destination on the island, including an official public bus to the capital of the island, Phuket Town. This could be the best choice for travelers heading to the city, although it could get pretty crowded at certain times. From Phuket Town, there are other buses that connect to the most important beaches of the island. A more flexible option for airport transfer Phuket is the minibus, a sort of shared taxi where you pay for the seat and can reach most important destinations a lot faster than the public bus. There are also taxis at the International Airport in Phuket, and although these are a lot more expensive, they provide transportation to any destination.

While on the island, there are also other ways to explore all of the wonders of Phuket. The songthaew is by far the most popular way to get around, taking the place of traditional buses that can only be found in Phuket Town. The songthaew is a pick-up truck converted into a minibus which can transport people all around the island. Usually, there are no set routes and people can get on or off at any point they wish. Although not extremely safe and fast, these iconic Phuket transportation means are extremely popular and can get you anywhere. The tuk-tuk of Phuket look more like a smaller songthaew minivan, painted red and acting as the local taxi service. There are also conventional automobile taxis, although in smaller number, as well as unofficial taxis.

For those who love adventure, there will be other Phuket transportation options for your selection. The traveler may request for transportation. There are option of rental cars, bikes, motorbikes and boats, all of them having their own advantages and disadvantages.

Another way to come to Phuket Island is by boat or cruise. There are ports to welcome travelers who are cruise travelling lovers. However, after arriving the port, you still need taxi service to go around Phuket Island to see all attraction we do have.

Most recommended transport which offer you best comfort, good time saving and most popular option for all tourists are private taxi or taxi meter. The price may be higher than other option but this option offers best comfort. The private taxi can be standard car, family car, van and luxury car.

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