Beating The Heat

Beating The Heat

It is no secret Australia is getting hotter every year. Each summer, the relentless sun beats down on the world’s driest inhabited continent, with “hottest day ever” records set by Christmastime and abandoned seafood spoiling in bins around the country. Hungry Australians on the road have been known to fry eggs on the hood of their cars, and SPF-50 sunscreen is practically a requirement of going anywhere near an open window in the middle of summer.

It makes sense that Australians have a notorious appetite for refrigerated food and beverages. Australia’s international reputation as a global capital for cold beer and fresh seafood was not earned lightly. Some bars even serve ice cubes in their white wine. Australian residents looking to keep their beer cool and their prawns edible need to invest in high-quality, reliable refrigeration units, a rule that goes double for any hospitality businesses looking to stay open through the sweltering Australian summer. After all, nothing attracts overheated customers like the promise of an icy cold drink.

Beating The Heat

Getting Down to Business

If your business is looking to invest in a new refrigeration unit, or if you just need a big fridge for your Australia Day barbecue, you might want to consider a commercial fridge rental service. Commercial fridge rental businesses operate to a strictly regulated set of standards regarding the reliability and safety of their rental units, and for short-term application are far more cost-effective than purchasing an entire commercial-grade refrigeration unit outright. For example, if your restaurant is trying out a new beer supplier, you’ll need to assemble an attractive, efficient display to make sure that your customers can see the new product. You could buy a fridge, a cost that will easily exceed a thousand dollars, or display the drinks in a cooler, but they’re likely to cool down quickly, and you’ll need to keep refilling the ice on top of the constant duties of maintaining a busy restaurant.

On the other hand, if you choose to use refrigerator hire – for example, a Bromic Rentals commercial fridge – you can lay out a display fridge for as little as ten dollars per week. A good display fridge will be well-lit, well-maintained, and reliable. Many fridge rental companies allow you to browse their range of hire refrigerators online. An online selection should feature the hire price as well as the recommended retail price as well as photographs and information pertaining to each unit.

The Cool Thing about Fridge Hire

Most Australians, at one point or another, have had to clean out a befouled fridge, whether it’s had meat go off in it after a blackout or a had bottle of milk leak all over the vegetable crisper. It’s not a pleasant job. However, refrigerator rental companies take the onus of maintenance away from the client. The fridges you hire will be clean and in good working order when you get them. By choosing to hire a refrigerator, you free yourself of the obligations of repairing and maintaining your refrigerators and do not need to get the independently certified for commercial use, as any hire company worth your money will have taken all those steps before you even enter their website.