Ad Hoc IT Support vs. Managed Support

Ad Hoc IT Support vs. Managed Support

Big companies have IT departments that support and manage their technology needs. That is how they are able to create such quick responses and create new technologies to adapt to the ever-evolving business landscape of the twenty-first century. However, you do not have a big business. You cannot afford your own IT department. You cannot do without one, though. Operating a successful business in the twenty-first century requires you to have a robust and dynamic online presence. Pretty much everything that happens in your business is going to involve some kind of technology. From your phone calls to your production to your customer service, you will be employing pieces of technology. These pieces of interwoven technology make business much more efficient and specialised; however, they also make it much more prone to malfunctioning. So, what do you do if you cannot afford your own IT department? You can outsource your needs. Those suppliers of support come in two basic varieties: Ad Hoc and Managed.

Ad Hoc IT Support vs. Managed Support

What Are Managed Services?

Managed services are when you hand over responsibility for your It needs to a dedicated service provider. This service provider will provide a proactive monitoring of your technological systems. This gives you the advantage of preventing certain problems that might arise with an unmanaged system. Also, proactive maintenance steps will allow you to upgrade your system on the fly as your needs change.

Sydney IT support professionals pride themselves on staying with the latest trends, best software, and newest practices. They will create a system that is cutting edge, adaptive, and efficient. The downside is that this is going to cost you money constantly. You will have to pay them repeatedly for their ongoing services. You will always be getting something for your money, but you might not have that kind of profit margin. What is your other option?

What Are Ad Hoc Services?

Ad hoc services, as the name implies, are IT services that you only employ after something has gone awry. Instead of the 24/7 technical support of a managed system, this is like a freelance service.

This is ideal if you have an employee who understands how to handle minor tech problems. You can save money on a day to day basis by having someone on staff who can handle little things. You will only need to call the IT specialists when something is beyond your control.

The downside is that your response might be a tiny bit slower and your prices will be less predictable. With the managed model, you know how much IT support will cost each month. With an ad hoc approach, the price of materials and services could change depending on the extent and the frequency of the problem. It is great for those who have narrower profit margins and less monthly cash on hand.

When it comes time to choose between an ad hoc system and a managed system, you should think about the amount of cash you have on hand and how much you stand to lose by an IT meltdown. If you think you can handle minor issues yourself, go with ad hoc. If you don’t think you can manage your IT day to day, go with managed.