5 Ways To Make Your Brand Shine

Let’s face it, new home based business owners must learn to use every DIY trick in the book to save money when the doors first open.  You want to build that Positive Brand while your new business is fresh and carry it through.  With so many aspects of the business competing for your time and attention don’t overlook one very important ingredient; well-planned office décor.   One of the best kept secrets around is how easy it is to freshen up your space, upgrade your look and create an eye-catching office environment that will put your prospective clients at ease.

Here are 5 easy tips to make your brand positively shine:

  1. Have a well defined reception area. – Sure you work from home, but customers want you to be all business.  If you’re running a wedding planning service out of the spare room, make sure the path to your office is free of any clutter that smacks of domesticity.  Replace your high school graduation photos, or selfies taken at the last concert you and your friends attended with photos of destination weddings you’ve produced, framed list of services you provide, and thank you letters from couples you saved from certain disaster.
  2. Make a first rate impression with second hand furniture. – Use your creativity and have furniture bought from the thrift store covered in matching fabric, even if the pieces aren’t part of a set, using a neutral color fabric and patterned pillows will make those finds look like they are high end pieces.  Joann Fabrics has tons of items to choose from, and with Groupon Coupons offering as much as 40% off selected wedding and scrapbooking items, or up to 80% off clearance items, you’ll find tons of goodies for yourself, and for those brides and bridesmaids to use for the big day.
  3. Use your smart phone like a Boss – Your new smartphone may feature a 5.6 inch IPS LCD display protected by Gorilla glass, but that doesn’t mean your office should look like a jungle.  Joann has many storage solutions you can put to use to better organize things like contracts and other paperwork. And classes on how to cover those bins to match your other décor.
  4. Be on time, every time. – Many people make the mistake of thinking that being in business for themselves means no one bosses them around and they can make their own schedule.  You can make it, but you better stick to it.
  5. Release your inner innovator – One wedding planner surprised a customer by presenting her with a personalized bridal look book before the planning began. You can, too.  It was a smart way to make the bride feel at ease, show that the consultant was listening to her needs and wishes and reminded her to breathe throughout the process.