The Power Of Visual Elements On Your Blog

Many people do not realize that over 90% of human communication is nonverbal, and that we react to numerous visual messages each day. Knowing this, it is no surprise that the visual content is a key to success on social media, blogosphere and across the digital landscape. That is why marketers strive to master the powerful art of visual storytelling and keep up the pace with user behavior.

The Power Of Visual Elements On Your Blog

Bloggers must also take advantage of the chance to make their content more valuable and engaging to their readers. Strong textual content is a must-have for bloggers, but it takes more than that to hit big. The abundance of online content and advertisements we are bombarded each day is astounding, and most people suffer from information overload.

Attention, Please!

To make it worse, people have short attention spans and window of opportunity for grabbing their attention closes fast. Visuals form the first impression, and sometimes it is also the last one you are able to make. We all process visual information way faster than textual, and are much more prepared to give it a chance. There are some niches like food blogging that are heavy on visuals, but other areas are falling behind. Relying on quality stories is all right, but what if nobody believes that they are worth their while.

The Power Of Visual Elements On Your Blog

Even interesting and informative articles need to be presented in a compelling way. An image conveys meaning in a way text cannot, deepens the understanding of the subject matter. That way, you are able to make a proper introduction and communicate your ideas and concepts much easier.  Not only that, a good photo seems to enhance the credibility of the author, and point out to the originality and relevance of his content.

Thus, it is always a good idea to include striking inforgraphics, stunning photos or engaging videos. Note that generic stock photos often fail to impress the viewers and can create a counter-effect. Come up with the consistent strategy for selecting images, and makes sure that they suit your style and brand. Compose and maintain your gallery, and put photos for future content in it as well. You can also leverage user generated content and give readers a chance to take part in your projects.

Share and Care

Plain text tweets receive less likes than those with images, and users tend to share the latter more often on platforms like Facebook. Likewise, websites and blogs that have good visuals boost the engagement of visitors by nearly 50%. This is important because social shareability is one of the factors affecting the level of internet traffic your blog attracts. Content that is present on platforms like Twitter can reach a broad audience.

The Power Of Visual Elements On Your BlogJust keep in mind that this is a competitive arena where average, ordinary-looking photos get lost in all the visual noise.
So, steer away from overused and generic images and videos. The first few photos in your search results are to be avoided if you do not want to bring down the perceived quality of posts. On the other hand, those who can make good use of original photos are gaining an upper hand. It is also a good idea to join the EyeEm photography marketplace and community, and connect with other like-minded people and accomplished professionals.

Regardless, always pay attention to the tone, color, composition and message of each visual element. Strive to discover your visual language and create a unique feel. This will help you make a name for yourself and establish a recognizable brand in the blogosphere.

A Lasting Impression

In the information age, establishing a strong visual identity has never been more important. So, put an appealing and fresh face on your text content, it is both the first impression and a nice finishing touch on your posts. Images that accompany the text bring benefits of increased blog traffic and better conversion rates.

The Power Of Visual Elements On Your Blog

Hence, combining written and visual content creates a better perception of your posts and reinforces brand building and promotional activities. The immense power of visuals must not be ignored, but utilized to achieve professional and personal goals.