Quite Great Music Marketing Introduces The World Of Breaking UK Hip-Hop Act Lively.

Before we get started check out this great new video from one of the new breeds of UK hip hop acts, Lively, then read his views on the present UK music scene and what it takes to build a career –


The Quite Great Music Marketing team spend their lives helping labels to develop their artists, new talent to gain media coverage whether it be online, TV, radio or print media so we feel that we have a good understanding when it comes to the needs and desires of all types of artists from all types of musical genres. The insights we gain help us to understand that the Music Industry is not all about major labels it is about the bands and musicians out there trying to make their music matter to the general public. To fully understand the passion musicians have for what they do we often ask our acts to give us a no-holds the barred vision of their struggles and their experiences trying to gain a foothold in the UK Music Market, so with no more ceremony, I will let Lively give you a view of his world.

‘ First of all, I want to say thanks to anyone taking the time to read this, secondly, I want to get straight to the point.  I Am a UK artist / rapper / songwriter called LIVELY I have been developing and learning new skills since becoming a garage mc when I was 15ys old and I’ve just turned 30 so you get an idea how long I’m talkin’ about.  I may not have had the publicity and promo needed to date to get myself out there properly, but believe me I’ve been grafting!! I had a residence by the age of 16 at the biggest nightclub in Reading at that time (The Matrix). This residency, in turn, led me to make/hosting @ events for Twice as Nice and Sun City As well as working two summers as a mc in Ayia Napa (that was all before my 22nd birthday). I then stepped away from UK Garage to concentrate on my first love RAP !! I just want to put out there, how hard me along with other artists strive in this scene to build a reputation, struggling to get their music heard and to stress it is not about the money although the aim is to make a money making career out of my music, the same as many other like-minded acts on the scene.’

‘In the last year,’ Lively continues,’ after almost giving up completely due to family circumstances I can finally see things starting to happen. I’ve  had amazing production/recording opportunities working with really exciting and legendary guys and now I am at the first stage of releasing my new material.  I initially  released an ep with no promo and managed to get listed in the best selling/hot pre-orders for my genre on Itunes, so now I’ve just entered into  a 6 month PR campaign with the Quite Great Marketing guys and I’m recording twice weekly backing up material. I just want to put out there, mainly for those who might be just starting or considering a career in rap or music in general, the most important thing is  just keep focused, you must in many ways have tunnel vision, and keep chipping away. Don’t just climb over hurdles or go around them WALK THROUGH THEM, it’s in your hands and no one else’s … WATCH THIS SPACE! ‘

The passion Lively sends out to everyone is extreme, Lively is a true artist who lives and breathes his work and it is these kinds of acts the Quite Great team love to work with check out his Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LIVELY.rg and help him grow as if all likeminded acts come together to support each other without doubt they can change the music world.