Planning and Surviving A Business Lunch

A business lunch can be intense if you are not sure what you are supposed to or how you are supposed to act. You will have to plan ahead, even if you are hosting or not, as you will need a schedule for the meeting. Because you could end up with missing out something very important.

Planning and Surviving A Business LunchAlways Wait For Your Party to Arrive

Never sit down before your party arrives, not only does it seem rude, but it will show unprofessionalism and your guests might get mad at you. Furthermore, there is also the question of proper etiquette so that you let seniors and executives get seated first.

What Will The Meeting Be About?

Rarely is a business lunch meeting about casual topics, which is why you should treat it as a professional meeting. And, you should know how to dress for the occasion so that you can show the best your business has to offer. On the other hand, it is important to keep things on a professional level.

Never Order Anything Messy

When attending a business lunch, you should always try to order something that is not messy at all, so that you can have an easy time finishing your meal, and also to be able to communicate without insulting anyone. Moreover, make sure that you recommend a good meal for those who are uncertain what to have, if they are at the restaurant for the first time.

Planning and Surviving A Business LunchGrab a Few Drinks

Even though it is best to avoid too many alcoholic drinks, seeing that it is a professional business lunch, you can still enjoy a few drinks. And, if you want to impress make sure to reach for the wine specials card, so that you can recommend a fine wine that all will enjoy. But, keep the glass count low, as you are here to discuss business and not to forget it.

Never Let the Guests Pay

The end of the lunch is the indication that someone has to pick up the bill, and that someone should always be the person who organized the lunch meeting. Under no circumstances should you let your guests pay for you, as it will be a bad sign for your business, and it will show that your company is incapable of handling even a simple task like that.

Mind Your Manners

A business lunch could be used to improve business relationships, but it can also worsen them if you are not careful how you act. Remember that even your body language needs to be in check, as it can give away a lot.

Planning and Surviving A Business LunchBrush up on business etiquette and make sure to know what to say, and how as well, so that you do not insult your guests. Remember to wear the appropriate attire and that you never order messy food. Lighten the mood with a drink if it is needed, but never forget that the lunch will be about business first and leisure second.