Earn More Money While Spending Less Time – The Best Home Jobs Out There

Not that long ago working at home was hardly a profitable business opportunity. Recent financial turmoil, coupled with the surge of Information Technologies, however, forced a huge amount of people to reconsider, promote, and finally advance this employment option. Today, more than 20% of Americans are doing their full-time jobs from the comfort of their homes saving both money and time in the process.If you appreciate those benefits (especially the latter one) you should, therefore, strongly reconsider giving your career a kick-start by moving your job home. Here are some of the occupations you should pay attention to the most.

Software Developers

Software development is currently one of the most sought after and profitable professions out there, andwith the current state of the industry, it is easy to predict that the demand will only going to be higher. What makes this profession even more interesting is the fact that, according to a recent survey nearly 50% of developers never received a degree in computer science, and 41.8% of respondents described themselves as “self-educated”. Do not think for a second, though, that this profession is easy to master, but if you are willing to learn and work hard, keys to the kingdom will be yours to take.

Direct Salesperson

If you are a people’s person, persuasive, have a lot of friends, and possess great negotiation skills, direct sales might just be the area where you could thrive the most. Of course, you will need to invest some time and money into multi level marketing software, finding the company whose portfolio fits you the best, and establishing your core client base before you can count on a stable income flow. Once you successfully handle these issues, however, your duties will mostly consist of get-togethers and pleasant times with people.

Corporate English Teacher

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that English is today’slanguage of business, but it is hardly the only global businesses-related thing. The capital became global too. Link these two things together, and you will see an increased demand for English in the markets which were traditionally not too exposed to western culture, namely Asia. You, as a native English speaker, have an excellent opportunity to use that demand and provide lessons to foreign businessmen. Previous office experience is not necessary, but it is certainly welcome.

Medical Transcriptionist

Although some of the transcriptionists are working in physicians’ offices or hospitals, most of them are able to work at the time and place of their choosing. Requirements are pretty low. Since you are transcribing already recorded medical dictation you will only need good hearing,an earpiece, a desk, and, of course, a computer. Again, medical background is preferred, but not necessary. The only drawback of this profession would be thatopened positions are not that widely marketed, so you will have to inquire a bit at your local hospital or community college in order to get the job.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Usually described as the set of techniques used for the transformation of raw data into meaningful data which can be used for business analyses purposes, the duties of business intelligence analyst involve spending a lot of time behind the desk with your computer. Therefore, this occupation is very subject to telecommuting. If you have developed analytical skills and you can take the responsibility of streamlining one business’ internal operations, you will be rewarded with more than adequate earnings.

Today’s business environment is undergoing some very significant changes and the surge of telecommuting and home-located jobs is certainly one of them. See for yourself what is on the table. Maybe you will find something that will help you earn more, while saving you enough time for your family, or even a secondary job. Thanks to home jobs, combining two careers has never been easier.