Cloud Based Services For Boosting The Performance & Efficiency Of Non Profits

An organization, whether a business or a non-profit, needs each one of its individual to perform and deliver at their peak to be able to boost the overall productivity of the organization. In other words, you have to make all the efforts to ensure that your organization keeps growing and meeting its goals. When it comes to non-profits, things can be even more diverse and complex than in for-profit businesses. You will have a large team to manage, meet and coordinate with so many clientele and work at the root levels to promote your cause. Technology is something that can help in addressing all these different scenarios from the same place.

Have you Thought of Cloud Technology

We all know how technology has revolutionized the world and changed the way we did things. We can reach out to the world in a few clicks and can become friends with people we never knew about. Cloud technology is at the forefront of IT and there is no limit to what you can achieve with it for your nonprofit organization. In this article, you will learn about the most effective cloud based solutions out there that can help take your non-profit organization to the next level.

Hosted SharePoint: This is a cloud based solution that simplifies your need for communicating, collaborating and sharing information with your own teams and other stakeholders. One of its best features is that it allows building your website without any cost at all. Put up a website and communicate and share files and documents with your entire team, without concern where they are. Store information (files and data) on your site and share it with your team members.

The SharePoint system allows you to create any type of website. You can even develop an intranet for your team or extranet to reach out to your funders and potential funders.

Benefits of Hosted SharePoint

One of the major goals of nonprofits is to reduce and eliminate the costs. The Hosted SharePoint service is hosted on the cloud and reduces your overall cost of ownership. There is no limit to the virtual storage you can get from the service. Besides, there are failover and automated failback systems. Availing these services on premises can be extremely costly.

Another major benefit of choosing Hosted SharePoint service is the level of freedom it gives to your enterprise. Nonprofits run on the concept of freedom from the confines of offices. Your teams spend most of their time on the field, either seeking funders or delivering services. This cloud based solution will free you and your team from being limited by the desktop. You can access, edit and share all the files and information from any location and on any device.

It doesn’t matter whether your team members have laptops, smartphones or tablets working on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android or Blackberry. They can access the virtual desktop on the go so that you can have total control over how your missions are working out. Check for more information about this cloud based solution.

Cloud Desktop Provider: The goal at every nonprofit is to get the most out of the minimal investment. Virtual desktop can help in boosting your team’s productivity while minimizing the overhead costs. This cloud hosted virtual desktop solution will allow your entire team to access the virtual desktop from any location, even across different time zones (if your nonprofit is spread across larger geographic area).

Apps4Rent offers Cloud Desktop Provider that allows your team to access all your applications, including emails on their device. You can access all the data on your virtual desktop and even the local printers and other peripherals over the Remote Data Protocol. In fact, with a login your team members can even access the documents and files over a simple browser.

There is 24 by 7 support service available for addressing any kind of issues. Besides, all data is backed up daily, ensuring complete safety and security for your data. In other words, the cloud service allows you to run around with your nonprofit operations on the field while taking your office along wherever you go. Visit to learn more about this service.