Building Your Brand With Custom Clothing / Uniforms

It is not just possible to concisely and clearly explain how custom clothing or uniforms can build a brand, but massively important for any business to build their brand, and custom clothing or uniforms can provide the perfect cost-effective means of doing exactly that. Hence, here are the hows and whys needed to turn your business, whatever its size and whatever it sells or provides, into a recognisable and reputable brand through implementing custom or uniform clothing.

Building Your Brand With Custom Clothing / Uniforms

How Uniform Clothing Can Better Your Business:

Most obviously, having staff wear uniforms means making staff easily recognisable to customers. As those in ‘the business’ often quip ‘uniforms make it possible to tell the players from the referees’. Hence, uniforms ensure staff members are easily identifiable, reassuring customers that help is at hand, should they need or want it. This means customers are far more likely to feel confident about and as such far more likely to ask for assistance or advice.

Uniforms create a unified front. Shopping for anything, whether the figurative nuts and bolts of life or literal nuts and bolts for that matter, can prove overwhelming, especially with the amount of choice on offer in 2015. Then, using uniforms to create a unified and clear business image alleviates some of the stress customers may otherwise experience and so encourage customers to enter your premises, if only to escape the chaos of colours, crowds and choices they feel otherwise surrounded by.

How Uniform Clothing Can Better Your Brand

As well as reassuring customers uniforms can too help to motivate and raise staff morale. So, provided you treat staff with the respect they deserve (and customers too for that matter), staff will in turn be proud to wear a uniform which shows they are a part of your team. Then, they too will be far more likely to take pride in being part of that team and the high level of customer service they provide will become synonymous in your customers minds with the brand you create and promote via use of uniform clothing.

Hence, intelligently designed uniform clothing will promote your business. Equally, poorly thought out or cheaply made uniforms can too damage both your brand and business. Any uniform clothing shows a level of professionalism, yes, but the choice of colours and style(s) opted for further and visually inform customers as to the sort of ethos, attitude and personality of your business, and the personality created can as much as a product or service attract or deter customers.

The Logic of Logos

A logo is a universally recognisable motif or image which through use of design and colour can symbolise and in turn become synonymous with a company. Hence, logos often provide the foundation upon which a brand is built and are worth considering having affixed to a uniform or items of custom clothing.

One just has to think of the myriad of logos, such as the ‘tick’ used by sports brand Nike; in almost every country in the world the Nike logo is recognisable and familiar. Hence, people (especially those travelling to unknown areas or places whether online or in person) feel reassured by these logos and drawn to them; this is something they know, trust and so are willing to give their money too.

To learn more about how important developing a logo is and how to design a logo that works for your business, the BBC website published a rather insightful article earlier this year: ‘How important is it for a company to have a great logo?’ which looks into exactly that.

The Impact of Uniform Clothing

Then, uniforms don’t just look smart; investing a bit of cash into having high quality embroidered logos onto uniform clothing items (whether t shirts, aprons or even hats etc) through employing the services of a reputable company like Stitch Embroidery UK is to invest money into building your brand and so bettering your business, and chance of success.

It is not, after all, the colour(s) a person associates with a business or recognises it by or a logo in itself, but the combination of these two things when done well which will together create a solid foundation for and beginnings of a brand name.

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