Brand Building – Online Versus Offline

Even though if it does not seem like it, it has not been that long since internet became that huge entity that it is today. Even in that short period, internet became something that can be a deal-breaker when it comes to brand building. But still, there are some traditional strategies that internet just cannot replace. In order to find out why this is the case, we will be giving a closer look at the differences between online and offline brand building.

Brand Building – Online Versus OfflineCosts

One of the reasons online marketing became so popular is definitely the price. There are so many cheap ways to improve your brands popularity online. Social media, instructional videos, guest blogging – all of these things cost nothing or little and can but still do wanders for any brand. Even if you spend some money on professionals who are going to design a web page for your business, you are still going to spend by far less than you would if you had opted for some of the more traditional ways of marketing. Just try to compare those expenses to those of TV commercials, billboards or promotional events.

Brand Building – Online Versus OfflineParticipation

When it comes to participation, consumers have to do much more in order to reach your website than to notice things like stands or advertisements. They have to turn on their computer, go online, search for something and get to your website. Offline marketing is there and there is nothing consumers have to do in order to notice it. They will see it whether they want it or not. Also, not everyone uses internet. Older people are much more driven by more traditional ways of brand promotion. It is obvious that offline marketing has an advantage here.

Brand Building – Online Versus OfflineTargeting

Brand promotion that relies on targeting will always be more effective. With offline strategies you always have to be careful where you put up your billboards and stands. You have to talk to certain groups of people and know how to bring your brand closer to them. With online brand building, this is much easier. All you have to do is find some websites connected to your field of business or certain demographic and promote your business there. You can also interact with your target audience on social media and try to make them choose your brand there. But remember, there are some rules when it comes to promoting your brand on social media.


When it comes to longevity of different brand promotion techniques, offline strategies come out as winners. All a person has to is log of from your website and he is no longer exposed to your brand. Also, people usually have 5-10 tabs opened. What are the chances of them remembering your brand above all the other things they were looking up? But when it comes to offline strategies, exposure to the brand lasts much longer. Promotional material stays with them and as they use it over and over again, they stay exposed to it. That is way many businesses choose to prepare promotional t-shirts for their customers. Another interesting idea is to design custom water bottles for your consumers. This is something consumers hardly forget and makes them come back to your brand.Brand Building – Online Versus OfflineOnline brand promotion is becoming more popular every single day but we saw that some offline strategies are necessary as well. The campaigns that leave consumers exposed to your brand both in online and offline world are something you should decide on when you are building your brand. The combination of beautifully designed website and useful promotional material is something that guarantees you a proper place in today’s market.

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