A New Business Internet Connection: Ethernet

Do you look at your laptop with a feeling of disgust? Does it takes a lifetime to do anything on it? It was working fine a year ago when you bought, and it was a new technology, and now it takes the time to boot and gets slower when you use software that occupy RAM. That’s the issue with living in the stone-age. There may be a reason that you wish to save money by not buying a new laptop, but you are not aware that, there will come a time when your PC will face an unexpected problem and crash when you would need it the most.

Your internet connection is similar to the old laptop you have been using for ages. If you use the same old technology when new technology has arrived in the market regarding your internet connection, you are just forbidding yourself from availing the benefits that you may get by them.

The first thing that comes to your mind when we talk about internet connection is”What internet connection should I use?” ¬†There are two services available in the market, T1 and Ethernet. You ask “Are they not the same ?”

Honestly, the only thing common between the two is they both offer high-speed internet service. To know which service is the best it is important to know the services they are offering.

What is T1?

It is a point to point service line originating from your business network to the telephone centre and may be in some cases to your internet provider. This is the best way to share data between multiple offices that may be in the same town.

T1 requires equipment to be installed at all the offices. This may help you in getting the speed of about 1 Mbps and in some situations the bandwidth can be further increased to 1.5 Mbps.

What is Ethernet?

T1 lines were supposed to serve the purpose some years ago. But, as the time is passing new technologies are being developed and also, the demand for internet is growing day by day, and everyone is crazy for the speed. Ethernet provides a speed of about 10 Mbps., which is six times faster than T1.

Comparison between T1 and Ethernet

When you want to choose amongst the two services, the best way is to compare them. The important parameters needed to compare T1, and Ethernet are:

  • Bandwidth:

A T1 service can provide you a maximum bandwidth of 12Mbps if you join 7 T1 connections. However, a single Ethernet connection can give you a speed that can exceed the speed of the 7 T1’s.

  • Reliability:

To increase the speed for a T1 network, some T1’s are joined. If any of the links fails, the entire data link goes down. ¬†Whereas, Ethernet uses loop bonding. In this feature if a loop fails the rest of the system works fine, and the failed link does not affect the rest of the links.

  • Cost:

Ethernet provides you better cost efficiency and in a lot of cases you can get 20 Mbps of data at the same cost of one T1.