Top Mobile Development Platforms Of The Present Day

Sometimes, programming language knowledge and browser extension tools aren’t going to be enough to make your mobile app the way you want it. When it comes to mobile app development Sydney and other city-based companies tend to use actual dedicated platforms to create their apps. These are special software that create virtual, distraction free environments for developers to work their magic and make our mobile experience a far more immersive and enjoyable one. Below, you will find some of the most powerful and popular mobile app development platforms that are in use all over the country:


This is a builder for mobile applications that can be used for a variety of purposes. The platforms that it can build apps for are very diverse indeed. Developers can use the Appery builder to create apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile. In addition to this, the builder includes PhoneGap with full access to all of the powerful features. It is a cloud based software, meaning that there isn’t anything to download or install. This makes it far easier for anyone to get on the application in record time.

Top Mobile Development Platforms Of The Present Day

Appery uses a page builder that closely resembles the popular Visual Composer plugin for WordPress, in that it is a drag-and-drop page builder. It has the feature of being compatible with any REST API, which means that you can connect to it from within the final app and use it for a range of extra uses, such as to build and maintain a database on the cloud, as well as to build a backend system for the app that can be used to store data.

There is also a dedicated catalogue of plugins for Appery, all of which are available for purchase and can add a ton of powerful features to the experience. It also supports the creation of custom plugins for use with apps. The project can be easily shared amongst multiple teams and even customers in real time for human testing.

Mobile Roadie

This is a dedication app creator that allows the users to create and manage specialised apps for iOS and Android platforms. It is compatible with almost all types of media files, including having the capability to import and support RSS feeds, Twitter tickers and Google News keywords. It also supports the integration of a “fan wall” which refreshes automatically over time, providing a platform for users to chat with and support each other as they develop projects.

There is a dedicated app for mobile phones called the Mobile Roadie Connect app which can be used to live test your project as you develop it. It gives the developer the end user experience, so that you can judge what you want to change and improve on. This app also guides you through the process of submitting your project to a mobile app store, and helps you to check the compliance of your project with the guidelines set down by the mobile platform creators like Google and Apple.


TheAppBuilder is an entire suite of apps. While most other mobile development platforms are a single piece of software, this one is an entire plethora of apps that will suit a whole range of clients. Employees, customers, events and brochures can all be customised within TheAppBuilder suite. There are two ways in which a developer can build the app of their dreams using this suite. The app can be built online using the dedicated set of tools that the platform provides. In this method, there is training and tutorials given to you for you to get an understanding of how to do the work right. If reading it isn’t for you, there is also the option to let the platform itself work with you and build the app from the ground up.

Top Mobile Development Platforms Of The Present Day

There is also a dedicated library so that consumers can be provided a portal into a world of additional apps and services. You can customise this library and brand it as your own as well. There is also the option to protect certain apps with standard usernames and passwords, forcing the right people to log in before they can do anything inside that app or use it at all. These can also be distributed throughout the mobile universe, and the platform will have its own database of login credentials for a smooth, easy process.