Specs and Features of HTC One M10

Normally the smart phones can be updated by comparing the previous versions of the phone in their series. In that way the HTC One M9 specifications to be revealed and then you can predict the specifications of HTC One M10 without making sense. The specification of HTC One M9 includes chipset of 810 Qualcomm Snapdragon with 8 cores, full HD resolutions and 3GB RAM. And moreover the interesting specification in camera side which includes 20.7 mega pixel sensor in front side and 4 MP to be the rear side with ultra pixel. Now comes to specification of M10 lot of rumors to be spread about camera specification of about 27 MP dual cameras for both sides. After launching HTC desire Eye, it was clear about HTC to be moved silently becomes trendy. Now already taking selfies using the smart phones so the HTC also improves their versions belongs to selfies. Now HTC thinks about the flagship of the year, which should carry top end specifications could be possible in the smart phone world. It can expect biggest camera module on the front side for that it won’t be wrong. The next big thing to be found in the M10 to be displayed with 4K resolution and also makes 2K resolution at minimum aspect, so the rivals of Note 5 already rumored with 4K resolution and HTC could also like to be thinking first. When you see M10 processes to be concerned must know about HTC incorporated with powerful chipset snapdragon and that smart phone in early 2016. There would be the Qualcomm chipset that has been going through testing and sample to be get early for manufacturing stage.


Facilities and features in HTC One M10:

The processor to be used Qualcomm 82 X with Octa core 3.X GHz and HMP technology to be cyclone as per cycle capability. HTC One M10 comes with 4 GB RAM, 64 or 128 GB presented on the board memory solution. This smart phone to be supported with Dual-Simwith supported by Nano version.The front camera to be supported by 27 MP and the rare sensor camera to be featured with phase detection with auto focus technology. The battery support will be extended up to 300 mAh, and the display to be arranged with 5 inches with options of 2K and 4K resolution. Their speakers are powerful with two stereo speakers. This phone will be protected with waterproof and get the certification of dustproof.

Price range of HTC One M10:

Normally the flagship will not come in the cheapest prices for that HTC One M10 will be in the ranges of 650 to 800 dollars. When you see those specifications the price ranges will be better for that and it would be increased production cost in the final price also be very expensive. At the same time people are paying that much of the price because they will know how much of worth it is. Under this price ranges it won’t come with the big deal.