Small Business Guide To Getting An eCommerce Website Started

Small Business Guide To Getting An eCommerce Website Started

Selling online used to require a lot of coding and technical knowledge. The new developments ineCommerce platforms allows even the smallest businesses to take their brand and products to the world, with minimal set-ups costs and without needing advanced computer skills. With the software taken care of, what else do you need to give yourself the best chance of success?

Small Business Guide To Getting An eCommerce Website Started

Essentials for Success

Obviously the starting point for every eCommerce business is the quality of the product and the demand for it. Once you have found your niche, follow these three tips to start strongly.

A good domain name – Ideally your domain name will be your business name, which will also be the name of your website. However, if you can’t get exactly the domain name for online business you want, then you have to be a bit creative to ensure your domain name aligns with the brand. The first option is to check WHOIS and find out if you can purchase the domain from the current owner. If that’s not possible, and you’re particularly tied to your current business name, then adding to the name is the next best option. For example, if your business name is Acme and you sell glass and is taken, then would be a great option. This will also help with SEO optimisation, and while not as easily remembered as the former, it gives the user more information immediately.

Reliable hosting – Ensuring your site stays online is vital for making sales. Building a reputation for reliability takes time, but gaining one for a dodgy site is much easier. The best eCommerce platforms include hosting, making it easy to set up and maintain your site without being concerned about whether your site will go down.

Create great content–Selling to people who can’t hold and touch your products requires the highest standard of content available. Your written content should be engaging and enjoyable to read, without being excessively wordy, but long enough to include all the details required to allow your customers to make an informed purchasing decision. Your visuals should be professionally created with high resolution videos and photos showcasing the best parts of each product.

The Start of Something Fantastic

Creating your own online store has never been easier. There is a plethora of eCommerce platforms to choose from, with some providing better functionality and support than others. Shop around and ensure your dream takes off by choosing the software that best matches your product, budget and ambition. When combined with the above advice, you are giving yourself a headstart that will pay dividends in the future.