Lessons That Ensure Your Video Reinforces Your Brand

Thinking of adding video to your repertoire of marketing tactics? Set yourself up for success from the outset by ensuring your videos reinforce your brand. Here are some tips for developing on-brand videos every time.

Lessons That Ensure Your Video Reinforces Your Brand

Consider Imagery

The imagery used in your marketing videos should be consistent with those used in your other marketing materials. They should also speak to your video’s target audience. Before selecting video imagery, think about the mood you’d like the video to portray as well as the purpose of the images. By considering these details as well as how you can mesh the video’s imagery with images from your other marketing materials, you’ll be well on your way to creating a properly branded videos.

Choose the Right Music

Choosing music for your marketing videos may be the first time you’ve incorporated sound into your marketing materials. As such, choosing the right music to reinforce your brand can take time. When choosing the right music, think about the mood you typically try to convey through your branded materials. Does your business have a serious persona, a funny persona or another personality? Pinpointing that detail can help lead you to the right video music.

Select a Narrator

Along with choosing the right imagery and music, you must also take care to find the right narrator for your marketing videos. The narrator’s pitch, speech rate, and other qualities should match those of your brand. For example, if your brand has a happy go lucky persona, you should find a narrator that portrays a happy go lucky feeling.

Reference your Brand Book

A solid point of reference for any colors, fonts and other branded elements used in your marketing materials is your business’s brand book. If you don’t yet have a┬ábrand book, now is the perfect time to build one. As you continue expanding your marketing tactics, a detailed brand book will serve as a guiding light for keeping each tactic on-brand.

Tell a Story

According to 4 Branding Lessons Learned from Apple to use in your Next Corporate Video, each video you create should have a purpose and should tell a story. Why do you want to create the video and how will it benefit your target audience? Think of a proper mood for the video’s story as well as how you can craft a story that will compel audience members to take a particular intended action.

Be Consistent

After you’ve nailed the imagery, music and other elements for your first marketing video, be consistent with all of those details that you include in future videos. For example, you wouldn’t want one video to include branded imagery and the next to include imagery that looks like it was pulled from a different industry. Consistency in your marketing videos (and through all of your marketing materials) helps build a branded look and builds trust with your target market.

Harness the power of video by producing video content that meshes well with your business’s overall brand. Create on-brand videos by considering each video’s imagery, music, narration and other details. These 22 Video Content Marketing Tips will give you some other ideas for using video in your content marketing efforts. Properly branded videos connect with target audiences and enhance your overall marketing message.

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