Is Crowdsourcing Sufficient For Logo Design Needs

Is Crowdsourcing Sufficient For Logo Design Needs

You might have seen projects and competitions on the freelance websites about designing a logo for a fixed amount of money. This is crowdsourcing a logo design. In general, crowdsourcing refers to selecting a specified object from a crowd of objects produced by a single person or company, or a crowd of companies or people. The expert logo designers believe that crowdsourcing is a death to logo designing industry.

However, the beginners respond by claiming that the logo will be outdated in a few months, therefore crowdsourcing brings nothing worse for logo designing industry. As a matter of fact, crowdsourcing brings even more harm to not only the logo design industry, but to the company as well which uses a crowdsourced logo.

Is Crowdsourcing Sufficient For Logo Design Needs

Why Crowdsourcing Is A Death To Logo Designing Industry?

  • It kills creativity and uniqueness.
  • Chances of copying and being copied increase unexpectedly.
  • When selecting a logo from a crowd, you cannot trust the credibility of the designer.
  • The ideas are unoriginal, common and most of the time, unattractive to the intelligent audience.
  • Competition requires speed and this is why most of the crowdsourced logo designs lack a basic concept and a big idea.
  • People, who are not confident to provide professional custom logo design services, might also deceive you with their work.
  • Design software are mostly used in crowdsorced logo designs.
  • You might be trapped into an intellectual property theft case due to a copied crowdsourced logo.
  • Some designers participate in crowdsourcing logo design competitions just to practice their skills, which on the other hand, waste your time.

6 Tips to get Most out of Crowdsourcing a Logo

  1. Do proper Homework First
  2. Carefully Pick Your Platform
  3. Post A Crystal Clear Design Brief
  4. Post A Better-Than-Average Price
  5. Comment On Each And Everything — Yes, Everything
  6. Up Your Deadline In Order To Turn Up The Heat

Crowdsourcing for designing a logo sometimes can be a more awkward process as compared to hiring a logo designer or design agency. As a business you are required to intellegently decide if the money you want to save is worth it. If you do not have patience and time to wade through dozens of concept  submissions, then it may be quite easier to hire a design agency, regardless of the fees they charge. If you are ready to spend some time in it, however, you can just find a right logo for your business brand for a fractions of the cost.