How To Redesign Your Business Logo Without Changing Much?

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OK. So you want to change your business identity or your business logo. There are a few tricks which can help you redesign your business logo into a more influential, yet catchy custom logo design. Following these easty and useful steps you can completely give a new impact to your existing logo.

1. Change the Color of your Custom Logo Design

The changing of colors represent the ongoing progress of your business. For example, at the start of your business, the color of your business logo might be red, which is the color of zeal and zest. However, after around 10 years of your business establishment, the color of your business logo can be green (if it has reached the goals) or yellow (if it has started the journey towards new goals). So by studying the physchology behind each color you can incorporate them to express the new meaning to your brand. The best example are the tech companies who use to express them eco friendly by just incorporating the green color in their existing logo.

How To Redesign Your Business Logo Without Changing Much?

2. Use Vector Graphic Applications to Customize or Redesign the Logo

In the old days, most of the logos had raster graphics, due to which, the designers had to reproduce the logo for different sizes. However, now there are many vector graphic applications available to produce the vector logos. The pixels of these custom logos do not lose balance even if they are zoomed upto 1500%. This is why a similar design is used for business cards, website, bill boards, penaflex and hoardings.

3. Produce Alternative Trendy Custom Logo

For a new business, using a trendy custom logo design is necessary since it has yet to build the identity in the global corporate world. However, if you have already developed a corporate identity and your business can be considered as a trend-setter now you can produce a new custom logo online that can challenge a trend. Research is required in both the cases. Research well about the prevailing logo trends and develop a totally different and alternate logo.

How To Redesign Your Business Logo Without Changing Much?

4. Try it Yourself

You might have rendered the services of some logo designer while designing your first business logo. However, now, it is the time to trust in your own designing skills. Your business is an established name, and even if you produce a childish flower logo, it will still be appreciated by the outside world due to your importance in the corporate world. However, remember to add sense to your custom logo.