Tips For Shipping Your Car On A Vacation Overseas

Choosing a reliableinternational moving or shipping company for all of your belongings is a must when going on an extended vacation or trip overseas. It is even more important if you are taking your car with you. So, what are the essentials to consider when choosing a shipping company? Here are the answers, or as we put it, the must read tips for international shipping.

  1. Reputation of the Shipping Company

Always check a shipping company’s reputation when considering quotes. You’ll want to pay special attention to past shipping experiences, insurance, and licensing. Go online and read the feedback of previous clients. If you are unsure of the company’s credentials, call them up and ask about their experience yourself (if they have left their number in the review). Shipping a car internationally is serious business and requires planning ahead.

  1. Pricing

When considering an international car shipping company, only decide on a company once you are satisfied with a price quote that fits your budget. Compare all of your options, based on pricing and reliability, before choosing a company.

  1. Verify Pick-up and Delivery Locations

Read between the lines to make sure you understand everything the shipping company is telling you, and everything they are not. Many companies will over car delivery to your doorstep. However, sometimes it can be difficult for shipping trailers to access narrow alleyways and streets. Keep track of all the possible routes for delivery to your house or settle on an agreed upon location for drop off beforehand.

  1. Vehicle Options to Consider

When shipping you will be confronted with two options, open or closed. The answer is simple. If you own a luxury car that requires considerable care, opt for enclosed shipping. Also chose “top loading” to avoid road debris that may harm your vehicle. If you are just shipping a regular car, an open shipment will save you some money. Open shipment will cost about 60% less than the enclosed counterpart.

  1. Time Keeping

Always make sure that you are keeping a realistic timeline even weeks before shipping. The shipping company usually provides an ample timeframe to load and deliver your car. If the car doesn’t arrive on the designated date and time after it was delivered to the auto carrier, don’t worry. Delays often occur so be patient.

  1. Before and After Photo Session of Car

Take well-lit photos of your car before you drop it off to the shipping company. Do the same after it is delivered to its destination. Compare the photos to check for damages or mechanical problems that may have occurred. Also, don’t leave anything important in your vehicle when you drop it off to the shipping company. Extra baggage will increase the overall weight of the car and you will incur extra charges.

  1. Quarter Tank of Gas

Be sure to leave at least a quarter tank or more of gas in your car. Your auto carrier will instruct you as to the optimal amount.


Shipping your beloved car is not math or science, it is about choosing the right means for transporting your vehicle overseas. Take these tips into account when choosing a shipping company. It will give you peace of mind knowing your vehicle is in safe hands.

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