How To Interview A Flatmate Through An App?


Who among us doesn’t know the specific wretchedness of looking for a mutual loft? Arranged some place between a prospective employee meeting and a date, the flat mate pursuit procedure obliges warmth, appeal, pay stubs and a capacity to convincingly pass on the fact that one won’t leave filthy dishes in the sink.

Till date most of the people in large cities use Craigslist to find potential roommates. But according to an app will be released soon which will help you to find your flatmate in Pune. This app will no doubt be giving tough competition to Craigslist to find the perfect flatmate anywhere in the country. The free app has been initially launched in New York and it functions with the help of Facebook to identify your perfect flatmate.

How the App Works?

The Roommates application utilizes Facebook profiles to match potential flat mates, who round out a rundown of pursuit classifications—value range, neighborhood, and so forth, and are then indicated profiles (and potential covering social circles) of other loft/flat mate seekers who are having a striking resemblance. Much like a modest bunch of dating applications, when there’s a shared match, with two seekers selecting each other, the application will notify both the parties.

Interview your Flatmate through the App

The most interesting feature of the app is that it will shoot certain questions to your roommate which you must ask before you jump to a conclusion. It may appear like an undeniable tip, yet to spare yourself a few genuine cerebral pains down the line, it’s best to learn as much as you can about the individual you’re considering as a flat mate. Even if you know the person very well or share similar thoughts, there are a lot of things that need consideration.

Queries to Ask your Potential Flatmate

You as well as your flatmate are both responsible to maintain the house properly that you share. So here are some of the risks and queries that need consideration before you start sharing your flat with your flatmate in Pune.

We all know that cleaning is the most important thing that needs consideration while maintaining your house with a roommate. As this is the department that no one likes to take control of, you can ask them what are the areas that they would like to take responsibility for. Also tell them your area of liking and habits so that the work can be shared equally.

The drinking and smoking habits of your roommate should also be known. Also ask him or her not to smoke in front of you if you are allergenic towards smoking.  Knowing bits of your flatmate’s personal life is also important to keep both of your privacy intact. Make it a point to ask about his/her relationship status and friends circle.

It is also important to know about your potential flatmate’s work place. Make it a point to know whether your flatmate works from home or goes to an office. Knowing the working hours is also very important.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a trusted source or person to solve all your problems then the Roommate app is the perfect app. Make use of this app and find out your perfect flatmate Pune.