Facebook’s New Notification Tab- What Is It?

Facebook announced a redesigned of its mobile application notifications Tab, For iOS and Android mobiles, Making a bigger push to deliver additional information on life events such as birthdays or upcoming events. Along with your notifications, Facebook will provide more details on cinemas in your area and local events and weather forecasts.

Facebook will provide local information, if you have enabled Location History in the Facebook app. You will only receive, for example weather alerts, sports news, information about TV shows or Facebook page links of restaurants nearby.

“Every day, people use their alerts to get their notifications from friends and families to date,” writes Keith Peiris, product manager at Facebook, in a blog post. Users wanted to add important information in this context in one central location. It’s all straight out of the playbook invented by Siri and Google Now: you will be able to see notifications about weather, suggest restaurants nearby, Movies based on nearby cinema screenings and list about local events.

According to Peiris  updates changes that will be rolled out gradually in the coming days,  In addition, users can use the additional information that pop up Facebook, The new notifications limited to the Social Network, Initially on Android smartphones and iPhones in the United States.

The additional information might help Facebook to get more users to spend more time with the Facebook app, by making, for example, the changing weather app superfluous. The longer that users dwell on Facebook, the more possibilities offer the company, display advertising – the main source of income of the Social Network. With the new feature, Facebook Following in the footsteps of Google Now. The latter, Google had updated 6.0 marshmallow with Android.

The past week, Facebook  has made around 30 articles available daily  for its users of iOS app. You will now receive in their Newsfeed daily, publishers can easily publish their full catalog of articles Everyday, photo galleries and videos directly to the social network, rather than links and teasers to content. The use of your own platform to speed up the loading of an article, according to Facebook.