6 TV Shows To Whet Your Travel Appetite

6 TV Shows To Whet Your Travel Appetite

Taking a vacation with the family, friends or even on your own was once a necessity in this great nation. However, with the state of the economy as it is, Americans are travelling less. More than half of the workers in the country say that they don’t use their full vacation time. Over 20% prefer to take only two days off instead of the allotted two weeks.

It seems that curiosity about the world around us is slowly leaving us as a nation. Americans just don’t seem to want to take time off anymore and its hurting not only our health but also businesses in general.

Fortunately for us, there are many programs on TV that can help refuel our curiosity and get us travelling again.

Here are some of them:

  1. Amazing Race

Many people watch this reality show to see how the teams overcome the challenges that they are faced with. However, there is more to the show than teams figuring out how they’ll beat other teams and win the cash prize. This is a travel program with a twist. It offers viewers an opportunity to learn about different destinations around the world and the obstacles that travelers to these remote parts of the world face.

  1. Globe Trekker

This show is perfect for those who would like to try something different. The show follows the journeys of different presenters around the world. Every continent is featured and each destination is presented by a different member of the Globe Trekker team. The presenters try local foods and engage in activities common to locals. This show is great if you want to try different destinations off the beaten track.

  1. Departures

This show follows the travels of two friends, Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach.  The two have abandoned their previously stationary lives to go globetrotting. They and Andre Dupuis, their camera man, visit some of the most remote places on the planet. This program gives you a taste of new cultures and the challenges that come with traveling.

  1. Dhani Tackles the Globe

Are you a sports fan and hate to watch regular travel shows? This show ought to whet your travel appetite. The show follows Dhani Jones, Cincinnati Bengals player, as he travels to different countries around the world. He learns about the traditional sports in the countries he visits. The show gives sports fans the best of both worlds: Travel and sports.

  1. Locked Up Abroad

If you prefer real life documentaries to the glitz and glamour of most travel shows, then you’ll enjoy Locked Up Abroad. This program, on National Geographic, follows the real life stories of travelers who find themselves in trouble while visiting other countries. Sometimes vacations can turn into your worst nightmare and this TV program shows just how this has happened for some.

  1. Travels to the Edge

This show follows the travels of Art Wolfe, an award winning photographer. Travelling to the most scenic and beautiful places on the planet is his job. Wolfe exposes viewers to some of the most remarkable places that nature and culture have to offer as he captures them in photographs.

You can catch these shows on many of the DirectTV channels. 

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