4 common SEO Myths That Simply Aren’t True

4 common SEO Myths That Simply Aren’t True

Search Engine Optimisation has always been subjective, as certain techniques are always being debated despite all the algorithm changes. Google hides behind a series of ranking algorithms, using over 200 factors, but no one is exactly sure of all of the elements that Google considers when ranking a website or how much importance they place on each factor. Here we’ll break down some myths and explain why they are indeed, just myths.

4 common SEO Myths That Simply Aren’t True

AdWords PPC Boost Organic Rankings

I’m afraid it doesn’t. This myth has been flying around for a while now and it’s never been true. Adwords, as well as other paid ads are completely separate from organic results. Google does not use any data from Adwords in its prime organic algorithm.

That’s not to say AdWords isn’t beneficial as a compliment to good SEO, as it can increase your general exposure and space in the SERPs by providing you with an advert and an organic result if you have good rankings. But all in all there is zero correlation between Adwords and organic rankings.

Keywords are Now Irrelevant

After the Hummingbird update, rumours started to surface of keywords not holding any importance anymore and all that mattered was relevant content. This isn’t true; yes factors like context and keyword themes are important, but keywords still hold importance in SEO.

Guest Blogging is No Longer Important

A decent guest post is content that’s posted off-site in your industry, this is referral traffic with a following and a target audience who are most likely to engage or click through to your website.

But guest posts on poor-quality, spam-filled websites and blogs that are irrelevant or show no signs of engagement should be avoided. If you believe your target audience is on the website, a guest post can be valuable for spreading your brand and gaining relevant referrals.

Link Building doesn’t Matter Anymore

It does still matter. Sure, link building has changed a lot recently and building links is more difficult than it used to be, but that doesn’t make it any less important. It is true that building the wrong kind of links, such as those of low-quality, spam-filled and paid links can cause damage to your SEO and put you in danger of committing algorithmic penalties. But to say link building doesn’t matter anymore would be a big mistake.

Links still play a crucial part in SEO and are still one of the biggest signals that Google uses to spread trust and authority.

The biggest thing to remember is that, like guest posts, it’s all about quality over quantity. Links do still matter but they mustn’t break any of Google’s guidelines on link schemes.

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