3 Ways Content Marketing and SEO Can Work Together

3 Ways Content Marketing and SEO Can Work Together

From the day content marketing was brought into the spotlight, there were many experts that believed SEO has been overshadowed. There no such truth in that, neither of them can work alone. One should ideally take SEO and content marketing in both hands if the aim is to get the greatest exposure in the search engine world. It is obvious that there are several search engines that have emphasised on their content expertise. The real truth behind this one is that marketing strategists are not bringing either of them into the light and even then the best strategies might not work.

Reasons why many think  that content marketing had rendered SEO obsolete, and they overlap each other:

Content marketing is a broader concept: – Content marketing doesn’t wholly depend upon SEO, it is a broader concept in itself. For instance, a publisher can not publish any random thing. The goal is to  produce excellent, informative and educational content first and foremost.

SEO is more technical: – SEO includes all those factors that underpin a content marketing strategy such as correct URLs, ALT tags, Speed, usability, sitemaps, title and so on. As content marketing does not deal with technicalities.

SEO and Content Marketing can work together, How?

Let’s  discover how these south and north poles come together and do so hand in hand. Here are a few ways mentioned below that will bring SEO and Content Marketing together.

  • Keyword research: Out of all the factors, keyword research is more essential for content marketing and SEO. Content may not get its worth if the written content is ambiguous technically.

If you are spending your time on producing content; you should ensure it gets the deserved exposure. In order to achieve that exposure content should ideally match the search terms also. Focusing on writing is not the only aspect, one should also focus on technical aspects as well. Using too many technical terms is also not acceptable, this practice drives away the essence of the good well formed content.

You can use several Keyword research tools to find and create the best of the best keywords that can provide exposure to the content you write.

Create quality content: – You have seen someone somewhere who is talking illogical about content marketing by giving vague examples. Some say, that no matter what is the quality of the content, if it’s informative it’s good, Some point out  that, no matter whether a content is informative or not, readers like engaging contents. Moreover, down the corner, people are also making comments that one should write more and more in order to become visible.

FALSE, completely uneducated thoughts. Everyone is saying what they think, but no one is thinking from the perspective of a reader. Everyone cares about the ranking and number of contents, not about it’s quality and life cycle. Remember! No matter what you are creating, it will fail  if the reader is backing away early after reading the content. One should try to produce contents by keeping in mind what the readers want to read.

If you are writing for an SEO company, you need informative content, you should write what the readers do not know, new events or technical tips. And if you are writing for an escort company you can’t just simply write, “tips for getting an escort”, you need to write persuasive contents. Weak content aimed to make up the numbers won’t help you in any way.

From the SEO perspective, an original and attractive content will set you apart from your competitors. So make efforts in new developing a unique content, by this way you can open new indexes for the readers.  If you are writing something which has not been written by anyone anywhere then, the only result Google will show is yours and everyone will copy or rehash your content for producing their own.

  • Link Building: – You can get as many links as possible if your content is good, but this is not the concern. One should ideally employ time on making effective distribution. If the distribution is not effective then there is no point in getting the best of best backlinks.

There is no rocket science behind the effective link distribution. Sometimes a good content gets 200 links and sometimes a not so good one gets 1000s,  one needs to bottled upon the secret if they want to sustain and be in the mind of readers.