NFL Report: Pre-season Injuries That Could Have Changed It All

With the big date approaching, teams are working hard to prepare for the upcoming challenges, and tactics are already in place. But, injuries are an integral part of every NFL season, and sometimes they play a crucial role in the whole show.  Key players are a guiding light for their teams, and their actions in the field speak louder than any words and pre-match boosting. If they are sidelined, coaches have to get back to the drawing board.

On the Edge

Only a few teams have no injuries to report, and a bulk of others wasn’t so lucky. They have some fine-tuning to do, hoping that increased training intensity doesn’t take more casualties. Many people have heard some rumors on the grapevine, but it’s best to have a reliable source. News reported on several injuries in June, including players like Junior Galette, Cameron Jordan, and Will Beatty.

NFL Report: Pre-season Injuries That Could Have Changed It All

Then the injury of Kelvin Benjamin came, which was a bolt from the blue for Carolina Panthers fans. A wide receiver will miss the season because of a knee injury that he got during a routine one-on-one pass drill. It’s safe to say that this will be a great loss for the Panthers, since Benjamin was their No. 1 wide receiver with 145 targets last season.

On the other hand, the Minnesota Vikings are robbed of Phil Loadholt, their most influential run blocker.   He is a real menace to opposing teams when it comes to the run game, and a solid pass-protector. All eyes will be thus on a rookie T.J. Clemmings, who will have to prove his worth and sharpen that offensive Viking edge.

When it comes to more freshest news, sources said that The Raiders pulled Chimdi Chekwa from the injured reserve list. This player is a defensive back and was recruited by Oakland Raiders back in 2011. This is just a minor change, but if you want to be on the lookout, check out Oakland Raiders rumors at

A Long List

Pittsburg Stealers had their share of worries with the injury of a placekicker Shaun Suisham, who is sidelined for the season after suffering an ACL injury. Sad news came to the camp of New York Giants as well, for they had to cross two rookies from the list- Mykkele Thompson and Landon Collins. Since both play on a safety position, it could be a serious blow for the Giants.

NFL Report: Pre-season Injuries That Could Have Changed It All

Injuries are adding up indeed. Houston Texans won’t be able to count on running back Arian Foster, who will be out for 10 weeks with a serious groin injury. Cornerback E.J. Gaines of St. Louis Rams ended up with a foot injury and the Washington Redskins will have to cope with injuries putting Logan Paulsen (turf toe) Niles Paul (ankle) out for the season.

Bear’s Kevin White might suffer the same fate and miss the entire rookie season, as he’s having a surgery on a left shin. With him out of the picture, Chicago will find it harder to give any opponent a bear hug, especially with star receiver Brandon Marshall signing for the New York Jets.The list of injuries goes on, and there’s still some time before the real game begins.

Modifying on the Run

In the heat of pre-season matches and trainings, injuries are quite a common thing. Opposing teams might be happy to see the back of their bitter rivals, but they often have enough on their own plate. All the injuries have taught the coaches not to put all eggs in one basket, and to always prepare for the unexpected.  Tactics aren’t worth the paper they are written on, if the teams are not ready to adjust them. That’s easier said than done, of course, when the key players have to warm the bench in decisive matches.


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  1. When it comes to NFL injuries, there are always cases where the players haven’t reported on some of their injuries. Believe it or not, players do that. They don’t want to be outta the game.

    1. You’re totally right Rox! I just recently read a medical article that criticizes NFL medicine’s malpractice. Up to that point I haven’t even realized that it’s that bad. I mean, I knew that the situation with the head injuries and drugs was becoming a more worrying issue and that the medicine is turning a blind eye.

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