Guidelines For Beginners To Buy The Most Appropriate Cricket Bats

It is not possible to become a good batsman with the help of a bat, even if it is of superior quality. However, a player cannot perform well if he doesn’t have the bat suitable for him. These days the potential of a batsman is often based on his ability to hit hard and score fast. That is possible with the help of a good bat. So how can a beginner or a professional make this important decision?

Given below are some of the important features of a bat that should be taken into consideration while selecting.

Steps that help you to Select the Right Cricket Bat

The playing conditions should be considered first: If you are going to play with tennis balls, the tennis bats for cricket are suitable. However if you have to play with leather or rubber balls, it is wise to buy a thicket bat for the game.

Know about the willow’s grade: Every cricket bat is carved typically from willow. It is due to the natural fibrous quality of the wood. The quality of willow is often a determining factor for the price of bats. The narrow grain willow for instance, helps in delivering a good performance though it isn’t long lasting. On the other hand, a bat with broader grain willow will have an enhanced lifespan, though it will take time to help in optimum performance. While buying it is important to know of the grades of willow.

Select the right size: This is totally dependent on the player’s height. For example, bat size 1 is appropriate for 3-4 year olds and around the height of 4’3 and bat size 5 is suitable up to height 5’2 and ages 10-12. The professional players or the ones above the age of 15 and more than 6 feet in height should opt for the size LH (Long Handle).

Buy the one suitable for your batting style: There are generally three types of bats that are manufactured. These include the low, medium and high. These types refer to the positions. The ‘low’ type is meant for the ones who tend to hit straight shots and drives. The ‘medium’ is the mix suiting the all-rounder. Such a player will prefer playing on the front foot. And ‘high’ is a sweet spot that goes up towards the hands of the player.

Select the right handle: This can cause much difference to your performance while playing. An oval handle will comparatively provide a better alignment and a directional feel as well. This can also be used for improving the bat’s pickup. In comparison to this, a round handle will be perfect for players who put force on the wrist. Players preferring this will flick around the ball to get more bottom hand control.

Brand is essential: There are a number of brands in the market that are known for their superior quality bat. The ones that are reliable are Adidas, Gray-Nicolls, Kookaburra, Spartan, etc. Selecting any of these cricket bats will be right, which leaves you to think of the previously mentioned factors and buy accordingly.