6 Swimming Safety Items Every Kid Should Have

Swimming is an activity enjoyed by adults as well as kids as itsan interesting sport, swimming also provides a lot of benefits. If given proper care and attention to safety, swimming can be a hassle-free activity whether at the pool, the beach or an amusement park with water rides, it is important for one to have the proper safety equipment to prevent any hazardous accidents. Being young and carefree, it is all the more necessary for kids to have the correct safety gear. Buying the appropriate sort of safety gear at a good deal for your kids will only make the experience of swimming more enjoyable. Below are a few safety products that every child should have.

  1. Goggles

Chlorinated water has a tendency to cause irritation in eyes, and wearing goggles is a good way of preventing the water from damaging your kid’s eyes. Even if the water does not contain chlorine, it is recommended to wear goggles, whether at the beach or for an underwater activity. Swimming goggles are available in various designs and lensesdepending on your child’s requirement. Some goggles even have anti-fog lenses that create a better vision. There are tinted lenses as well as clear lenses based on whether one is swimming indoors or outdoors. There is a rubber or silicon rim around the goggles, which also makes them comfortable to wear, along with being tight enough to not let any water in.

  1. Nose Plugs

Kids who are learning to swim might have difficulties in keeping the water from entering their nostrils. Nose-plugs are designed in a way to prevent one from accidentally inhaling water, and to also avoid the irritation or prickling sensation that comes with chlorinated, fresh or any other types of water bodies. There are various kinds of nose-plugs available, and one can try them based on the child’s requirement.

  1. Swim Caps

Swim caps are meant to prevent the water from damaging the child’s hair. Your child’s hair needs to be protected from chlorinated water as it can be quite harmful for their sensitive skin and hair. At times while swimminghair can also obstruct the vision, which is a hassle in itself. Swim cap needs to be worn properly to help in preventing the hair from disturbing other swimmers as well. They come in various sizes depending on one’s hair length.

  1. Rash Guards

Rash guards are made of light materials like nylon and polyester. While swimming, one needs to protect the skin from risks such as chafing or sunburn among other skin reactions. The thin material of the shirt allows the child to swim freely and comfortably while also providing protection from any hazards that might occur while swimming outdoors.

  1. Personal Floatation Devices

Personal flotation devices are an important safety gear since they allow the swimmer to be rescued much faster during an accident. Swimming belts, flotation belts etc., are a few such personal devices available that you can make use of to help the child be spotted facing upwards, making it much easier for those who can rescue them. These devices come in various types, shapes and sizes, and one can pick any according to your requirements. It is important to buy a flotation device that is of proper size, to help the child fit into it correctly, instead of getting a larger one.

  1. Sunscreen

Protection fromUV rays of the sun is another important aspect when going for swimming outside. A child’s skin is sensitive, and prone to rashes and skin reactions due to being out under the sun for a long time when swimming. Sunscreen protects the child’s skin from harm. You should make sure to check the SPF of the sunscreen that is being purchased and suit the skin type. There are a number of SPF levels available in the market, and it is necessary to choose the one that is right for the child, since it must match the skin type.

Swimming is a pleasurable recreational activity. Being careful and using the important safety gear only ensures the protection of your child, along with keeping it the enjoyable and fun experience that swimming is.

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