3 Tips To Perfect Blogging

3 Tips To Perfect Blogging

It’s easy to claim that blogging is one of the easiest jobs that everyone can do it. But when it comes to putting words together, many of the claimers retreat. I too used to say this untill I finally started with an IT services company, UK.

At start, I had not a clue how to engage the readers. But as I searched and researched it slowly start becoming clearer. And today, I can proudly claim to be a better blogger than many.

Providing web content services, I did some research work. There I learnt some interesting facts to enage my audience. And here I’m going to share 3 of them.

3 Tips To Perfect Blogging


This is going to be the first step – planning. Many times the bloggers start putting in words with no planning. Planning includes:

  • What you love to write today?
  • What type of tone you’ll be using in the blog?
  • Researching
  • Word count for that blog under considration

Once you know what to write today, start writing without further ado. But one more thing you need to consider, and that is part of the planning process and is the main reason you’re blogging – your target audience.

If you aren’t clear about your target audience, it will become harder to engage them. To know your audience you need to consider few more things:

  • The purpose of that blog
  • What services or products you’re offering, and who’ll be interesting in using them?
  • Will your clientele be from the area near you, or can they be from across the border?

Once you’ve a strong plan for your blog, you need not to stop. You’re now almost halfway through starting your engaging blog.

Post Only Fresh

By fresh I don’t mean to write only on the new topics, as it’s hard to do so. Fresh means that you need to bring in new ideas to YOUR blog. But remember don’t forget what your blog is all about.

For example, I usually write for an IT services company, UK. I know that I can’t write on politics nor on travelling, but IT alone. So, whenever I post, it’s all about information technolog. And when it comes to posting, I usually follow a schedule. For example, posting once a week is fine, but your post must be on a preset day.

Often times, it isn’t bad to move from a set routine. You’ve posted a blog on let’s say Monday, to surprise your audience you can post another on Friday. Now the subscribers know that it isn’t Monday only but Friday also. They could be waiting for more on the next Friday. But you don’t post on the coming Friday. This could make the reader a bit frustrated and engaging – “why they haven’t posted this Friday?”

Do follow a set routine but from time-to-time, share an extra or two in any day of the week.

Read More

If you want to be a good writer, you should be reading more – we all heard these kind of advices when we were in school. And this is true. Reading is one best thing you can do to yourself. Reading helps us think better, it increases our knowledge, it helps with our imagination and it also helps us becoming adaptive to new terms and tones.

Just like the novels, children’s stories and articles, we can shape our own blogs. Sometimes making the blog colorful by adding images or infographics. And sometimes focussing only to provide information basing on words alone.

It also won’t hurt your blog if you use different forms and tones to engage your audience. If your audience don’t like your style, they’re open to comment on your blog!

Start Posting!

3 tips would be fine to get started. There are many IT services companies who’ll also offer you the blogging and web content writing services. If you prefer them over DIY, you at least must ensure that they provide you with the best writing services to help you with an ever blossming blog!