Why SEO Myths Are More Haunting Than Listening To Justin Bieber?

Why SEO Myths Are More Haunting Than Listening To Justin Bieber?

Sometimes SEO can be a challenging task if you are not on the path which should be followed. Some people find it very confusing at times whereas some can create the best user experience possible with their efforts.

The algorithms used in SEO are one of the most guarded commercial assets as they are a top secret. With the passage of time, these algorithms have seen a huge change and have become more sophisticated and focused on the user experience. There are various myths that have developed over the years due to related raising issues.

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With the continuous changes in the algorithm, it has also become a  tough task for the SEO with the latest concerning updates also. If you want to keep yourself updated, then you need to first busting out those myths that are creating a blocking into your path of success. Keep yourself ahead of the crowd and make sure you keep a check on them.

Following are some myths on which a more concerned check is needed if you want to make your SEO success.

Keywords, more Keywords and more Keywords: – There was a time when this myth a quite a hit in the field of SEO, it says,”if you want to ensure that your site rank high on search engine results then you need to fill the web page with truckload of keywords.”

After this news, people start inserting or direct copying the keywords in the web page which makes it miserable for the readers. This myth was corrected by the Goggle as according to Google, “the rise of keyword ‘not provided’ was there to protect people who were searching while signed into their Google account: but it could also be interpreted as a warning to SEO specialists to worry less about keywords and more about a quality experience.”

Panda, Penguin, Pigeon confusion: – This is the super-myth which confused the SEO experts, when the Google changed its algorithms, this one has created a lot of confusion. Wonder!what they want to prove by naming them as penguin, panda and pigeon. the motive behind it was very clear, but it made a lot of confusion among SEO experts. They are pretty straightforward if someone just interpret it well.

Done with SEO plan: – Search engines keep changing their algorithms on the basis of the way people searches for the consume contents. So if you have a feeling that you are done with your SEO execution strategy, then you need to think twice. If you want to top the search engine results of Google then you should not stop yourself. Instead of saying that you’re done you should try to stay updated and also make proper changes in your execution plan.

A post like this one will help you in clearing the doubts, try to understand it rather than following or believing the non-sensible myths.