What Is The Perfect Corporate Gift?

In order to grow and strengthen business relationships with important clients, you may choose to give away a corporate gift or two. This sign of gratitude can be incredibly beneficial from a financial perspective but can also add a personal touch to otherwise formal or reserved connections.

Many would perhaps believe that this practice won’t make much difference in the long run! However, new research conducted by the PPAI revealed 91 per cent of buyers of corporate gifts agreed that they were somewhat effective in achieving the goals that motivated theiroriginal purchase of the promotional product.

What Is The Perfect Corporate Gift?

So, if you want to reap the rewards that corporate gift giving can potentially afford, what items should you bestow upon your clientele? Well, here are some suggestions, for the perfect corporate gift,to help boost your brand.

Passport Holder/Travel Wallet

If your gift recipient is constantly on the go, then they will greatly appreciate a passport holder or travel wallet. Every time they prepare for another trip or visit a business in the same industry as yours, this gift will act as a timely reminder of your special relationship.

With a gift like this, you should ensure the product quality is top notch. If it starts to fall apart or show signs of wear and tear, this will reflect badly on your organisation and doing business in the future might be a bit more difficult.

Document Folder/Tablet Case

Some businessmen and women still use a pen and paper while others opt for modern technology in the form of a tablet, but whatever your client’s preference is, they will need a folder or case to carry around important documentation.

So, consider giving away a document folder or tablet case featuring your corporate branding design or company logo. There is a very good chance that this item will get seen by an untold amount of people, which could do wonders for your promotional footprint too.

Power Bank

Even if your recipient doesn’t have a tablet computer, they will no doubt own a smartphone to keep in contact with associates and catch up on important emails. But in spite of their multitasking capabilities, smartphones don’t have the best batteries and rarely last the whole day.

What can you do to help here? Well, with a portable powerbank, which holds a crucial charge of energy, your gift recipient will never get caught short with no battery power remaining. What’s more, clients will associate your business with being there when it really matters most, providing them with power on the go in their hectic schedule!

Golf Gift Set

Despite the fact practical that workplace products make for great corporate gifts, you should also think about giving away items that concern your recipient’s interests, sports or hobbies. To this end, a golf gift set will go down a treat with those who enjoy this popular executive pastime.

In addition to featuring your logo and company details, this is yet another gift that will be kept for a long time and seen on a regular basis. Fingers crossed they don’t associate it with playing a poor round though!

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