Why Staying Offline Is No Longer An Option For Your Business

Why Staying Offline Is No Longer An Option For Your Business

The everyday lives of consumers are increasingly dominated by the online world. Having grown up with the internet, smartphones and dozens of technological innovations, the online world is the only one that members of the latest generation to join the workforce ? the Millennials ? have ever known. Now that the Millennials are starting to have disposable income and turn into consumers in their own right, the vast majority of their interactions revolve around the web.

Why Staying Offline Is No Longer An Option For Your Business

According to a recent survey, 56% of consumers will not trust a company that does not have a presence on the internet. Despite this, as many as 45% of small businesses in the UK do not currently have a website.


Establishing the need for a website is only the first step, as you then need to work out the most effective design for your particular line of business. One of the few things that is worse than having no website at all is having one that is difficult or confusing to use, as this will have a negative effect on the customer’s perception of your company.

Although it may be tempting to see the cost of designing a website as a one-off expense, it is crucial to update the design at regular intervals. Websites that fail to keep up with the latest trends, such as video backgrounds, Pinterest-style grid layouts, ghost buttons and the use of large fonts and images, will soon look dated.


When it comes to choosing a company to roll out your website and take care of all aspects from design to hosting, finding a firm that is close at hand can often be a huge advantage. A company such as www.pixelutopia.co.uk, which provides web hosting in Leicester, can meet local clients on a face-to-face basis to talk through the benefits of various packages and services. Should there ever be any problems, having a company right on your doorstep rather than on the other side of the world means that you can spend less time waiting to have your issues resolved.

A local hosting contract places you in a more genuine business relationship with a company that always has your best interests at heart. After all, the more your business grows and succeeds, the more your online presence will follow suit.