Making The Leap From Micropreneur To Business Owner

Making The Leap From Micropreneur To Business Owner

Ebay auctions are accessible to everyone, from a causal seller looking to get rid of some extra possessions to bricks-and-mortar store owners who want the convenience of running an online store that is accessible to a massive and ready-made audience.

Making The Leap From Micropreneur To Business Owner

Many people get their first taste of eBay selling their own goods; however, they can quickly move from being casual users to ‘micropreneurs’ and find themselves wondering how to scale their business. What works on a small level, when you are selling products just for fun or pocket money, often does not work so well for a full-time business.

Outsourcing for scalability

One thing that many eBay store owners overlook is that they are not riding purely on the eBay brand. Their store is like a microsite within eBay itself and people will notice how it looks and how their brand is presented. You still need to think about presentation, product photos, the quality of your copy and all the other factors associated with your website’s content.

A lot of small business owners take pride in doing everything themselves; however, this often does not scale well. Outsourcing functions such as packing and fulfilment can save you a lot of time and hassle as your business grows and outsourcing your eBay store design to a company such as Frooition eBay store design agency will help you to make the leap from individual seller to professional-looking store owner.

Going global

If you ever decide that you want your business to grow beyond your home country, you will need to consider international billing and shipping. Some business owners simply refuse to ship to certain countries because of the risk of fraud and stolen packages. While this is a good way to avoid problems and protect your revenue, it means that you lose out on a huge number of potential customers. Outsourcing your international order fulfilment and billing could be a way to protect your revenue while still catering to these markets and open up possibilities for international marketing that you would otherwise lose out on.

There is room in the eBay marketplace for sellers of all sizes and levels, but the ones who move the greatest number of products are the ones who approach their stores like a real business.